Friday, July 1, 2011

Puff & Circumstance: A Story of Curly Hope!

Happy Friday, Curly Cuties! I hope your week has been a blessed one, & pray you have a SAFE holiday weekend!

As I type these words, tears almost well in my eyes. I just feel so dang coily!
See, what started off last Thursday night as sheer experimental activity has evolved into a natural rite of passage! (Hold on while I wipe my eyes; either I'm emotional about my epiphany or the fact we get off work an hour early today. Ahhh...)

I believe in my heart of hearts that my S-Curl braid out I mentioned the other day turned into a curly graduation of a sorts; a coming of age if you will. As each day passed by, nighty-night found me with the sides/back of my coils gently pulled away from my face (to avoid smashing) & my head in steady slumber on my satin pillowcase. By day, I'd unleash the fro, which curiously for me, was still coiled up, shiny & bouncy! I'd either pull into a slight puff or just let it rock! I never even had to smooth the front! At any rate, I've been pleased w/my progress & the ease of the whole thing.

Well, I'm not the best at math (which was almost the death of my high school graduation chances) but I believe I'm on DAY 8. Still manageable? Check. Still shiny? Check. Still lovin' it? TRIPLE CHECK! I pulled it into a tighter puff today (my roots finally gave in), slapped on my favorite gold headband (because I have on a bejeweled shirt & feeling very Bollywood right now) & I'm rolling on a river, Sugarlumps! Our dance company BBQ is tomorrow so I'll style Saturday night, that way I can meet The Lord with my bestest hair Sunday morning, lol! I'm thinking I want to try my first blow out so I can make a twist out actual resemble a twist out for once. And I just want ginormous hair. We'll see.

Aw, man! I ventured off my whole point, geez! All that to say as I step into my 5th natural month, I FINALLY found my natural golden ticket! At first, I had my little fingers in my head at least every other day, tossing in product, tugging, twisting & pulling into some sort of style. Waking up 20 minutes earlier than the Sandman wanted me to, because I wasn't sure what kind of attitude my mane was going to have. Had to be fresh every day, with no frizz out of place! But now....I left it along. And my crown thanked me for it. No use in wasting product - especially when your budget comes to kick you in your "seat of knowledge" for misbehaving with your purchases. No use in losing sleep or sketching worry lines across your forehead. That just makes us look older and not so nice. Nope. If we just settle down, our hair will, too!

So I can officially say, I have graduated from the "I Gots To Mold My Mane Every Day Academy." Less is more. And when your life is as active as mine (Hubby, working, dancing, writing) you need to cut time corners where you can. I think I've finally succeeded.

Oh, before I forget: Guess what's coming to The Frizzness? Why, Free Frizzness Fiction of course! I'm going to try out a natural hair story that I hope you'll all adore, my little coilies! PLEASE give me some feedback once it starts; sometimes a good thing in your head has LAME written all over it once it hits cyber-space, ha ha! I'll do my best to avoid that.

Until next week, be the VERB, not the noun; contact us at if you want to be featured on The Frizzness, & have fun rocking your Frizz for the 4th of July!!!!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

(ps - Mother of Pearl, I can't get the picture of my puff to post! I'll update w/a shot as soon I become electronically intelligent once again....hmph.)

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