Thursday, July 21, 2011

Premeditated Fail - When Will I Learn?

Hey, Curlies!

It's ANOTHER scorching day here in the Big D....can someone please FED Ex me some snow? IT'S HAWT OUTSIDE!

So, I don't know why I keep doing this to myself time & time again. Ya'll know I just had to, right? My little Eco/Scurl/Shea Moisture combo from the video shoot fluffed out on me really fast! Could it be the products don't love each other in perfect harmony as I suspected? Could it be my heralded Set Me Up Gel actually has a better hold on my coils? Hmmm....I think a product battle is coming on!

I wore my fro out yesterday & loved it! I don't think I suffer from HIH as much as I did when I first chopped, but now I've fallen victim to SWMY/FNR: Shamelessly Whipping My Hair - For No Reason, lol! I'm pretty sure that's gonna hurt my neck after a while. Something came over me last night. Either surrender to the puff (where I reside almost daily) or try yet again to master the elusive Twist Out one more time. Yep - I chose Door #2, which was clearly labeled "Premeditated FAIL." . I had to finish watching "So You Think You Can Dance" first, so I didn't even get around to playing in my coils until well after 9:30 pm so this project would have to be executed fast!

I took out my transitioning staple: V05 Stramberries & Cream Moisture Milks Conditioner & dabbed it on my fluffy roots/defined at the bottom coils. I sealed with castor oil, twisted & went to bed. This morning I woke up to: soft, bouncy coils. No evidence of a twist-out...ever. I do love the look though, but come on!!!!! I swoon over every one's twist outs - I wanna drop a little drool over my own! I shant complain much, at least my curls are quirky like me. But these little boogers are gonna have to surrender to the power of the twist sooner or later. I command it!

Now I must say even though the above photo is not the look I was going for, I am pleased to see my hair respond to V05 like that. When My curls were growing up (during the transition) I did all my braid-outs with V05 & olive oil. Nothing else. It worked like a charm which was good since it rode on my noggin for 17 months. I didn't think my hair would respond to the conditioner other than co-washing or smoothing down my edges since the drastic texture change. Well I declare if it isn't a darn good styler. Unless this is all a fluke. Which of course sends me back to Square One. In which case....forget it - let's go with positive thoughts.

Before I leave you, the wonderful people at Darcy's Botanicals have submitted some products for review. I'm going to let them play in my curls & let you ladies know the results. Oh, and my aforementioned combo? All was well & good until my hubby swatted the side of my head, wondering what that white stuff was & trying to get it out. Either the latest product combo didn't play nice together, or it was the chiggers he insisted were flying around during the video shoot. I'm pretty sure it was misbehaving product. Then again, it was kinda itchy after we left the gardens. Oh no........

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

(ps- cross your curls that little white balls won't make a guest appearance in my pony-puff when the video comes out; Humiliation in HD. UUUggghhhh)

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