Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've Been Dancing!

Hey, Coilies!

What a week I had!!!!! Sunday & Wednesday, we ministered our hearts out in dance at Pathway of Life Re/Present Youth Conference (back to back dances in our youth sanctuary & children's stadium). It was so much fun; I let my fro fly freely for that one! Saturday, we headed to The Potter's House for a demonstration during the ALIVE! Dance Conference. And guess what? I met a Frizzness reader, woo hoo! I was so happy & shocked I grabbed her with a hug, lol! She was beautiful & I adored her spirit. It made my heart happy to know someone is coming back to see what I have to say. (Insert Kool-Aid smile here). She even said my hair looked great - which totally rocked my day!

Now although my frizzies are the furthest thing from my mind when I dance, I must say they held up extremely well under the pressure of sweat & tears. (Literally & figuratively). I tried another failed twist out, but somehow came closer to my goal this time. Yet & still, I ended up with a coily fro & pulled it away from my face. (Pictures to come). I'm so pleased that I can do what I love to do & still enjoy my curls! Speaking of....

I noticed last night how much styling makes a difference IN my head as much as on it now that I'm natural. Do you feel the same? I have to actually ponder what I'm going to do & strategically plan the outcome of my 'do before I hit the streets to dance in them! When I was permed, I either wrapped it bone straight or rocked a ponytail. (Buns looked sickly on me, so ummm, yeah. No go). All that to say I got a short notice gig to appear dancing in a gospel music video for a new single that is about to drop. I am ELATED! Can't wait to show you the pictures; the shoot was this morning (outdoors) in the Botanical Gardens across town. It's well above 100 degrees & I had on like 20 pounds of clothes/makeup, but hey: A sista's gotta do what a sista's gotta do, yes?

Anywho, I washed my hair Sunday night which I was dreading because no matter what I do, it's overcooked-steak dry when I finish. What the what?! But I HAD to wash - there was no way around it. So I spent Sunday & Monday nights on Mission Moisture to prep for the shoot. I'd used my Shea Moisture Curl Milk, Pantene Curly Spray Gel & tons of S-Curl for the wash-n-dry. It felt dry & puffy by the end of yesterday, so I slapped on Curl Enhancing Smoothie, more S-Curl and this time finished off with Eco Styler Gel. WOWZERS I hadn't tried the Eco w/S Curl, but I'm diggin it! Now, something in the mix didn't play so nice at first, but I caught it while it was on the drying mend, so I simply rubbed out any white that I saw before it dried. Voila...Loved it! Curly, bouncy hangtime. I hope it looked good in the video, 'cause the cameramen were all up in my head, ha ha! No matter how much I sweated (I am drenched), my curls shrank a bit but held on strong in a pony-puff. I'm a proud coily mama.

So details on the music video will be released soon. Just thanking God for His many blessings! In the meantime, if you want to be featured on The Frizzness or have questions, e-mail me: ordered.steps@yahoo.com.

Thank you for reading....I'm sending hugs all around for everyone!!!!!
There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
Natural dancer

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