Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Down To Frizzness: Mary!

Good morning, Curlies! I pray you're having a super BLESSED week! After a full weekend of dance, I'm aching some of everywhere! Yet my tresses held up quite nicely...I'm a proud coily!

So I'm really eager to introduce this little lady to you! She got my attention not just because eyeing her fantastic hair automatically makes one's mouth turn into a capiltal letter "O" but because she has a brilliant mind & oh so sweet spirit! She's fun, quirky & knows how to care for her hair inside & out. Meet Mary, Fotki Queen & natural beauty!

How long have you been rocking your frizzness?
- 11 months!! Whooooo!! Time has gone by way to fast. I’m almost a full year natural and I can’t even believe it. I don’t think it has hit me yet. Ha

Did you desire a second date following your BC/End of transition, or did you make reservations for a party of ONE?
-Second date!! I loved the curls instantly but not on my head. I’ve had bra strap length hair my whole life and having it that short was….different. ha Everyone loved it but I just couldn’t get used to the new look. It took months for me to adjust.

Natural Hair doesn't define who you are BUT.....
-  enhances who you are.

What was the moment of epiphany in your journey? 
-  My moment of epiphany was my first successful twist out! When I started my journey the only style I wanted to try was a twist out. I loved twist outs on other naturals. When I perfected a twist out on my own mane, it was the moment I knew; This was the right choice for me. I looked like the girl from the magazine, but better. Ha

Because natural manes are so unpredictable, how do you combat feeling defeated on days when your crown seems less than stellar (based your OWN criteria)? 
- On days my hair wants to act up, I don’t leave the house. Ha jk! I remember when my hair was really short and I just couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted to. It would make me so upset. To combat my sadness, I would always think to myself, “You need to go through this phase only once, to get the hair you’ve always dreamed of for the rest of your life.…So suck it up!!” Stick a hat on, or pull it all back!
Do random people attempt to lay hands in your mane? 
- Surprisingly no. Random people always compliment it but it’s my close friends and family that stick their hands in it the most. Especially my boyfriend and he’s 6’4 so his hands are mega huge. Every time he tries to touch my hair, I have to block him because his hands would just mess up my natural hair groove I got going. Ha
Do you find your mane becoming the grand topic of conversation?
-Yes! Everywhere I go I am approached by other naturals asking about a particular hair style. Women with perms come up to me and start talking hair. Even grown men compliment my hair. Just the other day I had a random man come up to me and just say, "I love your hair," and then he just walked away. Ha
CONFIDENCE CHECK: Has natural hair allowed you to dance as if no one is watching, or has your aura remain unfazed since your relaxed days? 
-This is hilarious because I actually just went to a wedding as a guest of a guest. So I didn’t know anyone there, not even the bride and groom! I’m naturally a shy person so when everyone was on the dance floor I just stayed in my seat, not wanting to be noticed. Then Micheal Jackson's thriller came on and I’m like, THATS MY JAM and I ran to the dance floor. I had a curly big fro and the way it just flowed and bounced made me want to dance even more/crazier. I got down that night. Ha But yes yes YES, when my hair is out I feel more unique, confident, noticeable. I even started buying clothes I would have never bought before because my hair demands an edgier style and I just love my new look.
Share some secrets leading to a fabulous, happy, HEALTHY mane...promise we WILL tell! 
-  Treat your hair with care.  Act like you have a baby on your head that you must nurture and raise.  It needs to be feed with moisture, cleaned, and played with by doing different styles.  It also needs its naps so protective styles every few weeks are a must.  It’s also not just about taking care of your hair, but your body as well.  Becoming natural has led me to a whole different life style. You must eat healthy; drink tons of waters, vitamins, and even exercising affect the health of your hair.  It may seem like a lot but trust me, it’s worth it. You will look/feel great and your hair will follow suit.
What was the WORST mistake you’ve made along the way? 
-The worst mistake I would have to say is getting frustrated with my hair during the transition and a few months after the bc. My frustration led me to abuse my poor curls. I say abusing because I would do a blow out and straightened it with no product or heat protection. I would just stop caring. I would get so frustrated that I wouldn’t be gentle while detangling and I probably took more hair out then it should have been. I regret getting so aggravated with my hair and if I would have just had some patience, it probably would be longer.
What advice can you bless new, transitioning or frustrated kinky curly queens with? 
-Patience, Patience is the key. You have to be patient with letting it grow, finding what products work for your hair, learning how to master a style and even becoming comfortable and confident with the new you.  If you knew me, you would know that I don’t have a patient bone in my body and because of that, I’ve ran into many problems with my hair and even almost permed it again =(.
What natural experiments put the glam in your crown? Which ones ended up filed under Campaign EPIC FAIL? 
-Umm..Coconut oil. ha! I’ve have tried a gazillion products for styling and the only one that hasn’t done me wrong is coconut oil. Lately I style my natural curls with coconut oil and eco, or just do twist and twistouts with coconut oil only. Then every other day I put more coconut oil in. ha, (I’m so low maintenance) My hair stays soft, it looks good and it doesn’t build up.
Fail?.. Adding to much shea moisture curly pudding (even to hair with nothing else on it) created white clumps and eco with like ANY thick conditioner will just screw your clean looking head up! I’ve also learned not to do twist outs on unstretched hair. Me no likey the results.
What's the most fabulous part of your journey to frizzness? 
The most fabulous part of my journey is looking fabulous. Ha! Of course with natural hair, you have off days, but when your hair is on, ITS IS ON!! I also love the fact that I get “Girl you hair is different every time I see you,” from everyone!

Outside of your gorgeous mane, what inspires you? 
-My mother is my biggest inspiration. She inspires me to be the greatest in everything I do. She is the most beautiful woman, inside and out. Her essence alone radiates strength, intelligence and love. Whenever you are in her presence, you can’t help but smile. I don’t let a day pass by without hearing her voice, even when I’m away at college.  She is just everything I want to become when I am older.

How can our beautiful readers find you on the web?
I have a fotki! There are TONS of pictures! It starts all the way from day 1 of my decision to transition to the present! I love sharing and also learning about other style/product ideas.
Thanks for letting me share my story on your beautiful blog!! <3

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