Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Darcy's Botanicals Product Review....Swoon!

Good morning, Curlfriends!

I pray everyone had a blessed & restful weekend! Mine was BUSY, dancing Saturday in a HOT church...but I strategically placed our little dancers in front of a ginormous fan to keep the sweatage down. I felt like I was on America's Next Top Model with my own wind blowing my ponytail, ha ha ! I revitalized my curls with Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz & put the frizz on lockdown with Eco Styler (clear) Gel the night before. My hair was so soft, shiny, bouncy & perfectly coiled before AND after we danced; I adored it! In fact, I loved it so much, I was going to hold off washing for my Darcy's Botanicals test-run, but....

Life got in the way. I had the ultimate stressful day. Yuck. So I did what any curly would do to relieve stress: I PRAYED. Then I did my hair.

Alright, so you know when anything new touches this noggin, it's got to have some frizz slam dunked on it, right? You got to be strong to stand up to these stubborn coils! For me, that in-your-face trash talker is the dreaded WASH session. My coils are easily cleaned & pretty much tangle free. I don't even have to do it in sections & it dries in a pinch. BUT: getting these boogers moisturized afterwords is a whole nutha' championship. Game on, Darcy's!

After a thorough shampoo (RARE, but I wanted my curls product free) I dried my tresses with an old t-shirt. I love drying with tee's because they quickly soak up excess water & seriously cut down on the frizz monster invasion. I heaped generous amounts of the Shea Butter Curls Moisturizing Cream for tip-off. Packaged in a lean, easy to dispense bottle, the cream has the consistency of a thin lotion with a light, appealing scent. It soaked quickly into my spongy curls, so I helped my thirsty crown to another handful. My fingers easily passed through my mane, so I didn't have to pick up a detangling tool to save it. [Score 2 points before the half.]

Following up on the cream dream, I doused my tresses with Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Natural Hair Conditioning Oil. Mmmm, mmmm, GOOD. Again, the product is packaged in a small, easy to dispense spray bottle. I love the smell of coconut & hibiscus (some leaves were in the bottle which was a nice touch) making the scent a winning combination of aromas for me. Now, I think I was a little "extra" with the pumps of oil on my hands, but my hair was starting to feel sealed with moisture, although a tad oily (not greasy) due to my overachieving dispensing of it. My fault. [Three point play after a turnover!]

Next, I turned to the Curling Cream Gel. Was it going to make a game changing half-time play, or would I have to call in an assist with my defending veteran Eco Styler?

Back to the Curling Cream Gel. Ok, the smell - awesomeness. Clean. Fun. Delay of game: The consistency....not a fan. It's wet. Really wet. And runny. Doesn't play well with a heavy handed & messy technique - both of which can be attributed to ME. I actually slung some of it all around because I wasn't sure how to keep it from running off my hands. BUT my frizz seemed tamed under its trance, the hold was good and I could still swing it, so I gave the gel a side-eye & went to the bench for half-time. [FOUL on the play. Score tied.]

Now an hour or so after my first styling session, I went outside to check on my hubby who was trying to get our car started. (Hence my aforementioned comments regarding stressful day). I peeked at my curls in the side mirror and noticed they were lovely but starting to take on "that look" it has when I first wash it. Not quite dry, but not as moisturized as I like. (Wash N Go's = not my friend). So I sectioned my hair again & followed the same routine adding additional product to my slightly damp coils. I went about my biz, cleaning & watching the tube. Went back out to the car & gasped at my poppin' curls! I mean, they were dancing! I loved that they were shiny & just happy looking. Shrinkage wasn't any worse than usual. My curly fro looked extremely healthy & HYDRATED. I slicked the front back with Madagascar Vanilla Styling Cream and a little more of the gel, pulling it into a puff. Nice, sleek look with a gigantic back - just the way I like it, ha ha! It wasn't a necessary move....but I am very picky when it comes to my crown.

Hours later, I just couldn't stop my hands from checking out the condition of my fro, so while watching Sunday Best I decided to try: THE EVIL TWIST-OUT. AGAIN. Because I just adore torturing myself.

I took the Madagascar Vanilla Styling Cream and two strand twisted my hair (medium size). Covered with a scarf. Nighty night.

When I tell you the Madagascar Styling Cream is the frizz, I mean it! Now first, it smells FUN. Yes, FUN. I grinned as soon as it tickled my nose. True story. The consistency is thick, more than my beloved Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Rubbing it between your fingers, the hydrating oil is evident, but again - not greasy. It smooths on without drama and immediately quenches the curls. Although a little goes a long way, I had to be generous because I was on Mission Re-Moisture, taking no chances of dryness. When I took down the twists in the morning:


This was a game winner, indeed! Mind you, my twist out is still pretty coily, but it's....different than normal. It's airy & yummy. I mean I love it! The scent lingered into the next day, but not overwhelmingly so. Darcy's Botanicals definitely has a smile plastered on my face; I feel almost giddy!

Since I've only used it once, I need to let it play on my curls more before final judgement. (I also need to try the deep conditioning mask, but the application directions call for 20 minutes that I didn't feel like sparing yet). Day 2 and I cannot feel heavy product on my hair. My fro is still dancing, defined and BIG. Another plus for me? My hands did not feel goopy during or following product application. That's huge given my hands feel virtually disgusted with anything other than good old fashioned lotion on them.

The packaging is phenomenal, the customer service is warm & fuzzy & the results are paramount thus far. I'll let you know how many days I get out of this run before I re-style. So far, so good - I got dancing curls today! My only regret: I did all of this AFTER a new manicure. So yeah. Back to the drawing board.

Have a wonderful week - don't forget to bless someone with a SMILE!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Love

Happy Friday, Curlfriends!

Just popping in to show you some love & send a cyber-hug on this Finally Friday!!!!

Last night, I decided to try an up-do since I have to wash my hair this weekend in preparation for my Darcy's Botanicals product review. I used one product to smooth the left side of my hair: Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz. Not sure I'm totally sold on this stuff. Seems like it just makes my air wet, then frizzes all the way out when it dries. I dunno; maybe I need to chase another product behind it? But hey - my pennies don't come cheap so I'm gonna use it 'till the last drop!

Leaving out the front of my coils in a sort of bangs thingy, I gathered the sides into a teeny pony puff, using my Denman to smooth it (with the Kinky Curly). This was the first time I used the Denman to smooth & I am quite pleased - SCORE! I'll be trying that method again soon. (I rarely use the Denman because my coils pretty much clump & do their own thing, almost better without the brush. So I use it on the rare occassions when I detangle with a styling tool).

Next, I took the aforementioned bangs & created a twist/roll, pinning the end of it underneath a mass of curls I left out dancing to the right. I was going to stop there, but decided to go ahead and tuck the loose coils into a half of a french roll. Tied it up, went to bed. This morning, it was still neat & seriously cut down my primping time for the j-o-b. HOWEVER....

Ya'll know I'm not good with hair pins, so I started snactching at the little daggers not even 30 minutes after I got to work. The little monsters are stabbing me in the head! I wish I could learn to pin properly. Needless to say, I may resemble Hot Mess by the the time 4:30 hits. But at least my scalp will be relieved of the annoying, self-enduced acupuncture.

What do you think, Curlies? Can I rock this? I should've put an accessory in it. No matter; I'm taking it down tonite, & see if I can revive my fro tomorrow for our next event. The Wandering Mimes - who pioneered the ministry of mime here in Big D - have their anniversary tomorrow & invited Ordered Steps to dance. We are so there! We're rocking out, so I need some bounce to my curls! We'll be wearing pink, which absolutely makes me giddy, ha ha!

Well if no one told you already today, I love ya! Have a blessed & safe weekend - keep the curl alive!!!!

There's 2 sidesd to every Frizz,

Natural dancer

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Premeditated Fail - When Will I Learn?

Hey, Curlies!

It's ANOTHER scorching day here in the Big D....can someone please FED Ex me some snow? IT'S HAWT OUTSIDE!

So, I don't know why I keep doing this to myself time & time again. Ya'll know I just had to, right? My little Eco/Scurl/Shea Moisture combo from the video shoot fluffed out on me really fast! Could it be the products don't love each other in perfect harmony as I suspected? Could it be my heralded Set Me Up Gel actually has a better hold on my coils? Hmmm....I think a product battle is coming on!

I wore my fro out yesterday & loved it! I don't think I suffer from HIH as much as I did when I first chopped, but now I've fallen victim to SWMY/FNR: Shamelessly Whipping My Hair - For No Reason, lol! I'm pretty sure that's gonna hurt my neck after a while. Something came over me last night. Either surrender to the puff (where I reside almost daily) or try yet again to master the elusive Twist Out one more time. Yep - I chose Door #2, which was clearly labeled "Premeditated FAIL." . I had to finish watching "So You Think You Can Dance" first, so I didn't even get around to playing in my coils until well after 9:30 pm so this project would have to be executed fast!

I took out my transitioning staple: V05 Stramberries & Cream Moisture Milks Conditioner & dabbed it on my fluffy roots/defined at the bottom coils. I sealed with castor oil, twisted & went to bed. This morning I woke up to: soft, bouncy coils. No evidence of a twist-out...ever. I do love the look though, but come on!!!!! I swoon over every one's twist outs - I wanna drop a little drool over my own! I shant complain much, at least my curls are quirky like me. But these little boogers are gonna have to surrender to the power of the twist sooner or later. I command it!

Now I must say even though the above photo is not the look I was going for, I am pleased to see my hair respond to V05 like that. When My curls were growing up (during the transition) I did all my braid-outs with V05 & olive oil. Nothing else. It worked like a charm which was good since it rode on my noggin for 17 months. I didn't think my hair would respond to the conditioner other than co-washing or smoothing down my edges since the drastic texture change. Well I declare if it isn't a darn good styler. Unless this is all a fluke. Which of course sends me back to Square One. In which case....forget it - let's go with positive thoughts.

Before I leave you, the wonderful people at Darcy's Botanicals have submitted some products for review. I'm going to let them play in my curls & let you ladies know the results. Oh, and my aforementioned combo? All was well & good until my hubby swatted the side of my head, wondering what that white stuff was & trying to get it out. Either the latest product combo didn't play nice together, or it was the chiggers he insisted were flying around during the video shoot. I'm pretty sure it was misbehaving product. Then again, it was kinda itchy after we left the gardens. Oh no........

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

(ps- cross your curls that little white balls won't make a guest appearance in my pony-puff when the video comes out; Humiliation in HD. UUUggghhhh)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've Been Dancing!

Hey, Coilies!

What a week I had!!!!! Sunday & Wednesday, we ministered our hearts out in dance at Pathway of Life Re/Present Youth Conference (back to back dances in our youth sanctuary & children's stadium). It was so much fun; I let my fro fly freely for that one! Saturday, we headed to The Potter's House for a demonstration during the ALIVE! Dance Conference. And guess what? I met a Frizzness reader, woo hoo! I was so happy & shocked I grabbed her with a hug, lol! She was beautiful & I adored her spirit. It made my heart happy to know someone is coming back to see what I have to say. (Insert Kool-Aid smile here). She even said my hair looked great - which totally rocked my day!

Now although my frizzies are the furthest thing from my mind when I dance, I must say they held up extremely well under the pressure of sweat & tears. (Literally & figuratively). I tried another failed twist out, but somehow came closer to my goal this time. Yet & still, I ended up with a coily fro & pulled it away from my face. (Pictures to come). I'm so pleased that I can do what I love to do & still enjoy my curls! Speaking of....

I noticed last night how much styling makes a difference IN my head as much as on it now that I'm natural. Do you feel the same? I have to actually ponder what I'm going to do & strategically plan the outcome of my 'do before I hit the streets to dance in them! When I was permed, I either wrapped it bone straight or rocked a ponytail. (Buns looked sickly on me, so ummm, yeah. No go). All that to say I got a short notice gig to appear dancing in a gospel music video for a new single that is about to drop. I am ELATED! Can't wait to show you the pictures; the shoot was this morning (outdoors) in the Botanical Gardens across town. It's well above 100 degrees & I had on like 20 pounds of clothes/makeup, but hey: A sista's gotta do what a sista's gotta do, yes?

Anywho, I washed my hair Sunday night which I was dreading because no matter what I do, it's overcooked-steak dry when I finish. What the what?! But I HAD to wash - there was no way around it. So I spent Sunday & Monday nights on Mission Moisture to prep for the shoot. I'd used my Shea Moisture Curl Milk, Pantene Curly Spray Gel & tons of S-Curl for the wash-n-dry. It felt dry & puffy by the end of yesterday, so I slapped on Curl Enhancing Smoothie, more S-Curl and this time finished off with Eco Styler Gel. WOWZERS I hadn't tried the Eco w/S Curl, but I'm diggin it! Now, something in the mix didn't play so nice at first, but I caught it while it was on the drying mend, so I simply rubbed out any white that I saw before it dried. Voila...Loved it! Curly, bouncy hangtime. I hope it looked good in the video, 'cause the cameramen were all up in my head, ha ha! No matter how much I sweated (I am drenched), my curls shrank a bit but held on strong in a pony-puff. I'm a proud coily mama.

So details on the music video will be released soon. Just thanking God for His many blessings! In the meantime, if you want to be featured on The Frizzness or have questions, e-mail me: ordered.steps@yahoo.com.

Thank you for reading....I'm sending hugs all around for everyone!!!!!
There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
Natural dancer

Friday, July 15, 2011

Feeling a bit PUFFY!

Good day, Curlies! Just wanted to pop in & show what my coils are up to, ha ha! I was going to restyle my faux-n-go last night (haven't styled since Sunday....I think)but my puff was huge, so I left it in! I always loved puffs - now I'm happy I grew my own. My hair is 5 months old, aye!!!!!!

Have a great weekend, more to come next week!

Block someone's view w/your fro today,
natural dancer

Thursday, July 14, 2011

HELP! Foiled Again: The Elusive Twist Out!

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Why, oh why doth thou forsake me, oh beauty of The Twist Out? I adore you...but YOU? You got no time for me! Why must you ask me to partake of Romeo & Juliet's cup of eternal slumber rather than escort me & my glass slipper to Cinderella's Ball? Answer me! ANSWER ME!!!!

Whew. Now that I got that out of my system, I need you to strap an "S" on your chest Curlies, 'cause Natural Dancer needs some natural help! I LOVE twist outs. I've loved them before I knew they even had a name. But they are a stranger to me; laughing in the face of my coils like an evil kid burning ants under a magnifying glass! I mean every time I think I'm about to look fly & my curlies spry...FAIL OUT. No Twist-outs for you!

So tell me, kiddos. What am I doing wrong? See the above pictorial? Yep, I really thought I was doing something this time. I looked at Curly Chronicles & Naptural85 You Tube videos until my eyes blurred, trying to figure this here thing out. They're technique is on point, & the proof is in the tresses! But me? Uuuummm, notsomuch. You see the pictures. Maybe it's the product? I used the teensiest smidge of S-Curl & even less Curl Enhancing Smoothie to keep it from being too dry. Next day: poofy, stretched out coils. GGGRRRRRRRRRR. (At least I had a pretty cool fro though. I bounced it around until my neck started hurting.)

So what are your thoughts? Can you help me achieve the Great American Twist? Or am I banished the Kingdom of Coils for all natural eternity???? Just help. Really. Please. For real. Oh, and the last picture - just showing my shrinkage. Turns out my curls shrunk even more after twisting than when I let the fro fly free. Go figure.

Let me know your tips if you will, Sugarlumps. I don't wanna be a twist loser!

There's 2 sides to every FRIZZ,
Candice (natural dancer)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Down To Frizzness: Mary!

Good morning, Curlies! I pray you're having a super BLESSED week! After a full weekend of dance, I'm aching some of everywhere! Yet my tresses held up quite nicely...I'm a proud coily!

So I'm really eager to introduce this little lady to you! She got my attention not just because eyeing her fantastic hair automatically makes one's mouth turn into a capiltal letter "O" but because she has a brilliant mind & oh so sweet spirit! She's fun, quirky & knows how to care for her hair inside & out. Meet Mary, Fotki Queen & natural beauty!

How long have you been rocking your frizzness?
- 11 months!! Whooooo!! Time has gone by way to fast. I’m almost a full year natural and I can’t even believe it. I don’t think it has hit me yet. Ha

Did you desire a second date following your BC/End of transition, or did you make reservations for a party of ONE?
-Second date!! I loved the curls instantly but not on my head. I’ve had bra strap length hair my whole life and having it that short was….different. ha Everyone loved it but I just couldn’t get used to the new look. It took months for me to adjust.

Natural Hair doesn't define who you are BUT.....
-  enhances who you are.

What was the moment of epiphany in your journey? 
-  My moment of epiphany was my first successful twist out! When I started my journey the only style I wanted to try was a twist out. I loved twist outs on other naturals. When I perfected a twist out on my own mane, it was the moment I knew; This was the right choice for me. I looked like the girl from the magazine, but better. Ha

Because natural manes are so unpredictable, how do you combat feeling defeated on days when your crown seems less than stellar (based your OWN criteria)? 
- On days my hair wants to act up, I don’t leave the house. Ha jk! I remember when my hair was really short and I just couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted to. It would make me so upset. To combat my sadness, I would always think to myself, “You need to go through this phase only once, to get the hair you’ve always dreamed of for the rest of your life.…So suck it up!!” Stick a hat on, or pull it all back!
Do random people attempt to lay hands in your mane? 
- Surprisingly no. Random people always compliment it but it’s my close friends and family that stick their hands in it the most. Especially my boyfriend and he’s 6’4 so his hands are mega huge. Every time he tries to touch my hair, I have to block him because his hands would just mess up my natural hair groove I got going. Ha
Do you find your mane becoming the grand topic of conversation?
-Yes! Everywhere I go I am approached by other naturals asking about a particular hair style. Women with perms come up to me and start talking hair. Even grown men compliment my hair. Just the other day I had a random man come up to me and just say, "I love your hair," and then he just walked away. Ha
CONFIDENCE CHECK: Has natural hair allowed you to dance as if no one is watching, or has your aura remain unfazed since your relaxed days? 
-This is hilarious because I actually just went to a wedding as a guest of a guest. So I didn’t know anyone there, not even the bride and groom! I’m naturally a shy person so when everyone was on the dance floor I just stayed in my seat, not wanting to be noticed. Then Micheal Jackson's thriller came on and I’m like, THATS MY JAM and I ran to the dance floor. I had a curly big fro and the way it just flowed and bounced made me want to dance even more/crazier. I got down that night. Ha But yes yes YES, when my hair is out I feel more unique, confident, noticeable. I even started buying clothes I would have never bought before because my hair demands an edgier style and I just love my new look.
Share some secrets leading to a fabulous, happy, HEALTHY mane...promise we WILL tell! 
-  Treat your hair with care.  Act like you have a baby on your head that you must nurture and raise.  It needs to be feed with moisture, cleaned, and played with by doing different styles.  It also needs its naps so protective styles every few weeks are a must.  It’s also not just about taking care of your hair, but your body as well.  Becoming natural has led me to a whole different life style. You must eat healthy; drink tons of waters, vitamins, and even exercising affect the health of your hair.  It may seem like a lot but trust me, it’s worth it. You will look/feel great and your hair will follow suit.
What was the WORST mistake you’ve made along the way? 
-The worst mistake I would have to say is getting frustrated with my hair during the transition and a few months after the bc. My frustration led me to abuse my poor curls. I say abusing because I would do a blow out and straightened it with no product or heat protection. I would just stop caring. I would get so frustrated that I wouldn’t be gentle while detangling and I probably took more hair out then it should have been. I regret getting so aggravated with my hair and if I would have just had some patience, it probably would be longer.
What advice can you bless new, transitioning or frustrated kinky curly queens with? 
-Patience, Patience is the key. You have to be patient with letting it grow, finding what products work for your hair, learning how to master a style and even becoming comfortable and confident with the new you.  If you knew me, you would know that I don’t have a patient bone in my body and because of that, I’ve ran into many problems with my hair and even almost permed it again =(.
What natural experiments put the glam in your crown? Which ones ended up filed under Campaign EPIC FAIL? 
-Umm..Coconut oil. ha! I’ve have tried a gazillion products for styling and the only one that hasn’t done me wrong is coconut oil. Lately I style my natural curls with coconut oil and eco, or just do twist and twistouts with coconut oil only. Then every other day I put more coconut oil in. ha, (I’m so low maintenance) My hair stays soft, it looks good and it doesn’t build up.
Fail?.. Adding to much shea moisture curly pudding (even to hair with nothing else on it) created white clumps and eco with like ANY thick conditioner will just screw your clean looking head up! I’ve also learned not to do twist outs on unstretched hair. Me no likey the results.
What's the most fabulous part of your journey to frizzness? 
The most fabulous part of my journey is looking fabulous. Ha! Of course with natural hair, you have off days, but when your hair is on, ITS IS ON!! I also love the fact that I get “Girl you hair is different every time I see you,” from everyone!

Outside of your gorgeous mane, what inspires you? 
-My mother is my biggest inspiration. She inspires me to be the greatest in everything I do. She is the most beautiful woman, inside and out. Her essence alone radiates strength, intelligence and love. Whenever you are in her presence, you can’t help but smile. I don’t let a day pass by without hearing her voice, even when I’m away at college.  She is just everything I want to become when I am older.

How can our beautiful readers find you on the web?
I have a fotki! There are TONS of pictures! It starts all the way from day 1 of my decision to transition to the present! I love sharing and also learning about other style/product ideas.
Thanks for letting me share my story on your beautiful blog!! <3

Friday, July 8, 2011

Introducing: "God Only Knows!"

Happy Friday, Sugarlumps!

Well, I for one am EXCITED! We're dancing this weekend, & my coils are standing up to this 102 degree Texas heat with a dare to try to take 'em down!

Ok, enough chit chat - we gotta get to the meat of this pot luck! Today, I proudly introduce to all my curlfriends, "God Only Knows" a short story series following the reinvention of Dustin DeShanell - a proud curly following her own rules...until she waits to hear from God. I'm so excited for you all to meet Dustin & I hope you'll love her as much as I do! And feel free to leave me some feedback: does the story make you dance, or like pickled pig's feet w/a shot of butter rum ice cream, does it make you gag! Let me know what you think - this one's for you! Have an awesome weekend & enjoy the first installment of "God Only Knows!"

"Ouch! Why ME?!"

My taupe wedge sandal had the NERVE to bounce off my tarried twist-out while I got a totally ubsolicited lesson in face floor-diving.

"Shoot!" I slammed my fist against the ground and sat up to massage my aching leg, which was slowly giving natural birth to a cankle. "That, my friend," I mumbled to the stale summer air suffocating my miniscule loft, "is called: MY LIFE."

I peeled my sore body from the toasty hardwood floor, abandoning my purse, dance bag & spewed contents where they rested. I snatched off the other high priced, superficial offender & pitched it to the wall. Cracked a half-moon into my framed "I Love Lucy" poster! "SERIOUSLY?" I chastised my uncomfortable footwear. "I paid over $150 bucks for you, let you turn my toes into roasted corn pops & you play me like this? You're lucky everyone else I know has big feet or you'd be history!" I fussed, half expecting an apology. At least my toes were finally free. I raced over to the orphaned computer - left on all day. AGAIN. (Note to self: the extra dough you're shelling out for unused electric could pick up like 100 Jack In The Box 2-for-$1 tacos. Just sayin.')

A pink, mini-sequinned nail snagged a patch of hair as I raked my hand through the 5 day old twist-out. My neglected curls were practically Tweeting me begging for some serious Me Time. Uggghhh, the thought of moving up Wash Day made me throw up in my mouth a little. The mass of hair taking out a lease on my scalp since I'd ditched my relaxers seemed to require me to hire three more sets of hands and an additional back to handle my natural business. And at the rate my funds weren't stretching....I needed a loan just to pick up some Shea Moisture for my head! Besides, dance practice left me dead tired & I was already feeling like all four "Golden Girls" put together. Not to mention this was shaping up to be the best day of my life (for now) & I was ready chat my cyber family up & let them in on my brand new blessing! Nothing was going to steal my joy today. NOTHING.

"HEY, BEAUTIFUL." The chat message appeared as soon as I logged onto Facebook. Yep, Nothing was going to change the course of my great day....until NOW. I hit the 'escape' button, ignoring the disappearing greeting & ready to focus on my joy.

"HEY....BEAUTIFUL." The more insistent greeting interrupted my screen commands in it's all-caps rudeness. I tapped the 'escape' button again, just as I'd done with our dearly departed relationship - escaped.

"DUSTIN." Uuuggghhh. Stop yelling at me. You don't call the shots anymore. In fact, you don't even have the privilege or honor to speak my name. Or type it.

"DUSTIN. It's me....MARKKO." Yeah, like I can't tell from the ginourmous noggin in your profile picture.

"D - LET'S NOT PLAY GAMES. YOU'RE BEING CHILDISH." Me? CHILDISH? You're the one all-capping me! You're lucky I didn't go TMZ on you after I Donald Trump'd your behind & put all your business in the street! Dude, you tried to break up with me on Facebook! In fact, why didn't I delete you????

My heart was telling me that I needed to close this thing. So may questions I had. One day Markko adored me, & the next? I was left feeling just like that lunatic on the failed flash mob commercial: stupid, late & ALONE.

"WE NEED TO TALK......" Markko could be a real gentle gem when he wanted to be. But subtleness was never one of his strong suits; that's how he landed the job on Channel 4 in the first place. That, and he wasn't too hard on the corneas, either.


My heart told me to jump in with both feet. My head told me get ready to catch a case if I did.
I never was any good at Rock/Paper/Scissors..........................

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Curls Rule The World!

Hey, Curlies!

Do you know what screams "don't step into the light!" to a day that seems to be totally flatlining? A good ole dose of curly love! Yes, indeedy!

In my rush to get the j-o-b this morning, I forgot to pack up some of the yummy vittles my Hubbs bbq'd over the weekend. (Just lame - I had my mouth all set for that chicken, too! Now I didn't go all "Harlem Nights" in the place, even though my stomach started touching my back. And yes: I am a BEAST when I'm hone-gry!)

So I decided to play it economically smart & run over to my favorite lounging place, Tarjee. (You may know it as Target, ha ha!). Grabbing a few Chef Boyardee Buckets, I made my way to the Express checkout, laughing at the silly basket dwellers trapped in the abyss of extreme bargain hunters & couponers until the next Ice Age. Easy, breezy - no waiting!

When I got to the line, my checker smiled & said, "On your lunch break?" Laughing, I confirmed her suspicions with a nod of my fro. (It was a quick repair job on my July 4th blow-out gone horrendously wrong. More on that later.)

Scanning my stash, the checker said, "I see you come in here often. I recognize you because of your hair."

"Thanks!!!!" came my ecstatic, overly toothy reply. Then I took pause. "Uumm, I hope that's a good thing???" I quizzed.

"It's a GREAT thing!" she said. "I love your hair!"

I thanked her again, wanting to strike up a conversation, but taking note of the impatient lady behind me, who almost cut me off dashing to the register but retreated knowing she was wrong. I ran on back to The "J" with my spirits lifted. Not trying to be superficial or anything, but I felt like I was having a "blah" day & looked the part. I was rocking a shrunken fro with a front "flat" twist. (Yes, my use of quotations in "flat" reflect the poor job I did, but I think I came pretty close to success! I'd watched an old Curly Chronicles video & let her walk me through the How To. Great teaching, Autumn!)

The checker had a job to do, but in her friendliness she totally made my day; it's amazing how a stranger can get us to strike a pose like we're stylin' for Colgate, lol!

So there you have it, curly cuties! Always share a smile & kind word....you never know how you'll transform someone's day! As for me, I slipped some S-Curl Moisturizer, Shea Moisture Smoothie & Pantene Curly Spray Gel in hopes of replenishing my 'do last night. I didn't like the way it fell, so I hooked up a loose pony that looks pretty good! I was trying to prepare for a dance event tomorrow night, which got canceled today. No matter. At least I still have my frizz!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Getting Down To Frizzness: Charlotte!

It's a great day to be a curly!!!! I pray everyone had a stupendous Fourth of July & had a blast rocking your Frizzness!

I can't tell you how I am excited to introduce this gorgeous natural to you, Sugarlumps! She is confident, charming, steadfast & just a sweetie pie! Not to mention, she's a woman of FAITH who's so bad, even her babies got swag, lol! Meet Charlotte - a natural inspiration encouraging us all to follow our OWN hair rules!

How long have you been rocking your frizzness?
- I’ve been natural for three years, however I’ve one TRULY been taking care of my hair for about a year! 

Did you desire a second date following your BC/End of transition, or did you make reservations for a party of ONE?
- I made reservations for a party of ONE… ONE AND DONE!! Didn’t fall off the wagon and go back to the ‘creamy crack’, and I don’t plan on it either! 

Natural Hair doesn't define who you are BUT.....- Natural Hair does indeed make me stand out in a crowd!! All the amazing styles that I can do with my hair are ENDLESS!! I truly love it!

What was the moment of epiphany in your journey?-
Before I became natural, I was telling my beautiful daughters (three of them) how beautiful and amazing they are with their natural hair… I would then go into the bathroom and put my perm in… I felt like a hypocrite!! Telling my children one thing and doing another!! So, one day I talked to my husband and let him know I was DONE with perming my hair and sending a WRONG message to my babies. I wanted them to TRULY know they were beautiful in the skin/hair they were given by GOD and I wanted to be an example to them!

Because natural manes are so unpredictable, how do you combat feeling defeated on days when your crown seems less than stellar (based your OWN criteria)?
- I simply put a scarf or a beanie on my head and roll. I don’t let my hair ruin my day. It’s JUST HAIR!! 

Do random people attempt to lay hands in your mane?

- UGH!! YES… I truly cannot stand it either. I liken it to someone trying to touch my tummy when I’m pregnant. My hair is an extension of me… Why on EARTH would someone do that?? It’s rude and disrespectful!

Do you find your mane becoming the grand topic of conversation?
- Many times, yes. My hair tends to be a conversation piece wherever I go… There aren’t too many natural folks out where I am, so I am the topic of discussion many times.

CONFIDENCE CHECK: Has natural hair allowed you to dance as if no one is watching, or has your aurora remain unfazed since your relaxed days?
- YES!! My hair…well, the complete change of lifestyle that came with me being natural definitely has boosted my confidence!! I’m FREE… Free to enjoy me and the way GOD made me to be!! How could it not boost my confidence??? 

Share some secrets leading to a fabulous, happy, HEALTHY mane...promise we WILL tell!
- WATER WATER WATER!! Drink lots of it and feed it to your hair as well!! Eat lots of veggies and exercise regularly. I noticed that when I started eating right and taking care of my body, my hair flourished as well! 

What was the WORST mistake you’ve made along the way?- Trying to follow what the “Natural Nazis” tell me I should do with my hair. I believe EVERYONE should use whatever products THEY want on their natural hair… Doesn’t matter what others say… Use what your hair likes. We are all different. My motto? “THE GROWTH DON’T LIE!!”

What advice can you bless new, transitioning or frustrated kinky curly queens with?
- Hang in there, ladies!! It’s trial and error!! Don’t give up!!! You’ll eventually find what works for you.. AND PLEASE, OH PLEASE… Don’t let the “Natural Nazis” lead you astray!! 

What natural experiments put the glam in your crown? Which ones ended up filed under Campaign EPIC FAIL?
- I started making my own hair products and it made my hair LOVELY!!! It totally made all the difference!! – My failures?? Trying to wash it all the time… My hair likes to be a bit dirty (I ain’t lyin’!!) – It digs a bit of dirt and strives on it! 

What's the most fabulous part of your journey to frizzness?
- Seeing my babies look up to me and see me looking JUST LIKE THEM!! Nothing better than to know that your babies see themselves in you!!

Outside of your gorgeous mane, what inspires you?- I love the LORD!!! I love singing, dancing, sewing, making jewelry, making clothing, my babies, my husband, my life!! I am inspired by LIFE!! 

How can our beautiful readers find you on the web?
- I have a blog: http://charlottesavenue.blogspot.com – I talk about natural hair, my family and everything in between!!  Also, I have an Etsy.com page (Pakaia) where I will be selling my creations very soon!! Also, on FB, I can be reached at http://facebook.com/blackproudsista.

Many thanks & blessings for getting down to frizzness!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Puff & Circumstance: A Story of Curly Hope!

Happy Friday, Curly Cuties! I hope your week has been a blessed one, & pray you have a SAFE holiday weekend!

As I type these words, tears almost well in my eyes. I just feel so dang coily!
See, what started off last Thursday night as sheer experimental activity has evolved into a natural rite of passage! (Hold on while I wipe my eyes; either I'm emotional about my epiphany or the fact we get off work an hour early today. Ahhh...)

I believe in my heart of hearts that my S-Curl braid out I mentioned the other day turned into a curly graduation of a sorts; a coming of age if you will. As each day passed by, nighty-night found me with the sides/back of my coils gently pulled away from my face (to avoid smashing) & my head in steady slumber on my satin pillowcase. By day, I'd unleash the fro, which curiously for me, was still coiled up, shiny & bouncy! I'd either pull into a slight puff or just let it rock! I never even had to smooth the front! At any rate, I've been pleased w/my progress & the ease of the whole thing.

Well, I'm not the best at math (which was almost the death of my high school graduation chances) but I believe I'm on DAY 8. Still manageable? Check. Still shiny? Check. Still lovin' it? TRIPLE CHECK! I pulled it into a tighter puff today (my roots finally gave in), slapped on my favorite gold headband (because I have on a bejeweled shirt & feeling very Bollywood right now) & I'm rolling on a river, Sugarlumps! Our dance company BBQ is tomorrow so I'll style Saturday night, that way I can meet The Lord with my bestest hair Sunday morning, lol! I'm thinking I want to try my first blow out so I can make a twist out actual resemble a twist out for once. And I just want ginormous hair. We'll see.

Aw, man! I ventured off my whole point, geez! All that to say as I step into my 5th natural month, I FINALLY found my natural golden ticket! At first, I had my little fingers in my head at least every other day, tossing in product, tugging, twisting & pulling into some sort of style. Waking up 20 minutes earlier than the Sandman wanted me to, because I wasn't sure what kind of attitude my mane was going to have. Had to be fresh every day, with no frizz out of place! But now....I left it along. And my crown thanked me for it. No use in wasting product - especially when your budget comes to kick you in your "seat of knowledge" for misbehaving with your purchases. No use in losing sleep or sketching worry lines across your forehead. That just makes us look older and not so nice. Nope. If we just settle down, our hair will, too!

So I can officially say, I have graduated from the "I Gots To Mold My Mane Every Day Academy." Less is more. And when your life is as active as mine (Hubby, working, dancing, writing) you need to cut time corners where you can. I think I've finally succeeded.

Oh, before I forget: Guess what's coming to The Frizzness? Why, Free Frizzness Fiction of course! I'm going to try out a natural hair story that I hope you'll all adore, my little coilies! PLEASE give me some feedback once it starts; sometimes a good thing in your head has LAME written all over it once it hits cyber-space, ha ha! I'll do my best to avoid that.

Until next week, be the VERB, not the noun; contact us at ordered.steps@yahoo.com if you want to be featured on The Frizzness, & have fun rocking your Frizz for the 4th of July!!!!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

(ps - Mother of Pearl, I can't get the picture of my puff to post! I'll update w/a shot as soon I become electronically intelligent once again....hmph.)