Thursday, July 14, 2011

HELP! Foiled Again: The Elusive Twist Out!

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Why, oh why doth thou forsake me, oh beauty of The Twist Out? I adore you...but YOU? You got no time for me! Why must you ask me to partake of Romeo & Juliet's cup of eternal slumber rather than escort me & my glass slipper to Cinderella's Ball? Answer me! ANSWER ME!!!!

Whew. Now that I got that out of my system, I need you to strap an "S" on your chest Curlies, 'cause Natural Dancer needs some natural help! I LOVE twist outs. I've loved them before I knew they even had a name. But they are a stranger to me; laughing in the face of my coils like an evil kid burning ants under a magnifying glass! I mean every time I think I'm about to look fly & my curlies spry...FAIL OUT. No Twist-outs for you!

So tell me, kiddos. What am I doing wrong? See the above pictorial? Yep, I really thought I was doing something this time. I looked at Curly Chronicles & Naptural85 You Tube videos until my eyes blurred, trying to figure this here thing out. They're technique is on point, & the proof is in the tresses! But me? Uuuummm, notsomuch. You see the pictures. Maybe it's the product? I used the teensiest smidge of S-Curl & even less Curl Enhancing Smoothie to keep it from being too dry. Next day: poofy, stretched out coils. GGGRRRRRRRRRR. (At least I had a pretty cool fro though. I bounced it around until my neck started hurting.)

So what are your thoughts? Can you help me achieve the Great American Twist? Or am I banished the Kingdom of Coils for all natural eternity???? Just help. Really. Please. For real. Oh, and the last picture - just showing my shrinkage. Turns out my curls shrunk even more after twisting than when I let the fro fly free. Go figure.

Let me know your tips if you will, Sugarlumps. I don't wanna be a twist loser!

There's 2 sides to every FRIZZ,
Candice (natural dancer)


Deni said...

I have the same problem! Wish I had the answer! LOL... :)

dontboxmein7 said...

Hello fellow coily girl! I am a super 4a...a head full of pen spring coils. I have learned that they are some stubborn jokers. They will make your twists turn into coils and make your wet twist outs turn into coil outs. They love to be themselves. However, there is a way to "defeat" them for a twist out. I am not an expert but here is my advice...Give up on wet twist outs altogether. They only enhance your coils. Wash your hair, apply your leave in of choice, then let it start to dry. Once it is still DAMP and almost dry apply a style that is not water based. I use Oyin Handmade's Whipped Pudding. It is thick and not watery but disappears easily when thoroughly worked into your hair. You can use any product that fits this description. Work it into your hair and then comb out your coils. You don't want to see any coils. I then apply a pomade to finish off then twist. Apply plenty of time to let your twists set since you've killed the coils that usually aid in shrinkage thus setting your twists. In the morning unravel with an oil or pomade or butter. Voila! A fluffytwist out pattern with no coils. Hope this helps! It took me 5 months to finally discover this.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap the comment above is SO helpful!!! I have 4-6 in. Of hair but only wear it in a tapered shrunken fro (which I love so much don't care what anyone thinks) and I don't know What else to do because twist outs, braid outs Just end up in crazy, vexed coils and frizziness. Sounds cute mYbe but It really looks such a mess. Thanks sooo much for sharing that tip!