Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Darcy's Botanicals Product Review....Swoon!

Good morning, Curlfriends!

I pray everyone had a blessed & restful weekend! Mine was BUSY, dancing Saturday in a HOT church...but I strategically placed our little dancers in front of a ginormous fan to keep the sweatage down. I felt like I was on America's Next Top Model with my own wind blowing my ponytail, ha ha ! I revitalized my curls with Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz & put the frizz on lockdown with Eco Styler (clear) Gel the night before. My hair was so soft, shiny, bouncy & perfectly coiled before AND after we danced; I adored it! In fact, I loved it so much, I was going to hold off washing for my Darcy's Botanicals test-run, but....

Life got in the way. I had the ultimate stressful day. Yuck. So I did what any curly would do to relieve stress: I PRAYED. Then I did my hair.

Alright, so you know when anything new touches this noggin, it's got to have some frizz slam dunked on it, right? You got to be strong to stand up to these stubborn coils! For me, that in-your-face trash talker is the dreaded WASH session. My coils are easily cleaned & pretty much tangle free. I don't even have to do it in sections & it dries in a pinch. BUT: getting these boogers moisturized afterwords is a whole nutha' championship. Game on, Darcy's!

After a thorough shampoo (RARE, but I wanted my curls product free) I dried my tresses with an old t-shirt. I love drying with tee's because they quickly soak up excess water & seriously cut down on the frizz monster invasion. I heaped generous amounts of the Shea Butter Curls Moisturizing Cream for tip-off. Packaged in a lean, easy to dispense bottle, the cream has the consistency of a thin lotion with a light, appealing scent. It soaked quickly into my spongy curls, so I helped my thirsty crown to another handful. My fingers easily passed through my mane, so I didn't have to pick up a detangling tool to save it. [Score 2 points before the half.]

Following up on the cream dream, I doused my tresses with Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Natural Hair Conditioning Oil. Mmmm, mmmm, GOOD. Again, the product is packaged in a small, easy to dispense spray bottle. I love the smell of coconut & hibiscus (some leaves were in the bottle which was a nice touch) making the scent a winning combination of aromas for me. Now, I think I was a little "extra" with the pumps of oil on my hands, but my hair was starting to feel sealed with moisture, although a tad oily (not greasy) due to my overachieving dispensing of it. My fault. [Three point play after a turnover!]

Next, I turned to the Curling Cream Gel. Was it going to make a game changing half-time play, or would I have to call in an assist with my defending veteran Eco Styler?

Back to the Curling Cream Gel. Ok, the smell - awesomeness. Clean. Fun. Delay of game: The consistency....not a fan. It's wet. Really wet. And runny. Doesn't play well with a heavy handed & messy technique - both of which can be attributed to ME. I actually slung some of it all around because I wasn't sure how to keep it from running off my hands. BUT my frizz seemed tamed under its trance, the hold was good and I could still swing it, so I gave the gel a side-eye & went to the bench for half-time. [FOUL on the play. Score tied.]

Now an hour or so after my first styling session, I went outside to check on my hubby who was trying to get our car started. (Hence my aforementioned comments regarding stressful day). I peeked at my curls in the side mirror and noticed they were lovely but starting to take on "that look" it has when I first wash it. Not quite dry, but not as moisturized as I like. (Wash N Go's = not my friend). So I sectioned my hair again & followed the same routine adding additional product to my slightly damp coils. I went about my biz, cleaning & watching the tube. Went back out to the car & gasped at my poppin' curls! I mean, they were dancing! I loved that they were shiny & just happy looking. Shrinkage wasn't any worse than usual. My curly fro looked extremely healthy & HYDRATED. I slicked the front back with Madagascar Vanilla Styling Cream and a little more of the gel, pulling it into a puff. Nice, sleek look with a gigantic back - just the way I like it, ha ha! It wasn't a necessary move....but I am very picky when it comes to my crown.

Hours later, I just couldn't stop my hands from checking out the condition of my fro, so while watching Sunday Best I decided to try: THE EVIL TWIST-OUT. AGAIN. Because I just adore torturing myself.

I took the Madagascar Vanilla Styling Cream and two strand twisted my hair (medium size). Covered with a scarf. Nighty night.

When I tell you the Madagascar Styling Cream is the frizz, I mean it! Now first, it smells FUN. Yes, FUN. I grinned as soon as it tickled my nose. True story. The consistency is thick, more than my beloved Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Rubbing it between your fingers, the hydrating oil is evident, but again - not greasy. It smooths on without drama and immediately quenches the curls. Although a little goes a long way, I had to be generous because I was on Mission Re-Moisture, taking no chances of dryness. When I took down the twists in the morning:


This was a game winner, indeed! Mind you, my twist out is still pretty coily, but it's....different than normal. It's airy & yummy. I mean I love it! The scent lingered into the next day, but not overwhelmingly so. Darcy's Botanicals definitely has a smile plastered on my face; I feel almost giddy!

Since I've only used it once, I need to let it play on my curls more before final judgement. (I also need to try the deep conditioning mask, but the application directions call for 20 minutes that I didn't feel like sparing yet). Day 2 and I cannot feel heavy product on my hair. My fro is still dancing, defined and BIG. Another plus for me? My hands did not feel goopy during or following product application. That's huge given my hands feel virtually disgusted with anything other than good old fashioned lotion on them.

The packaging is phenomenal, the customer service is warm & fuzzy & the results are paramount thus far. I'll let you know how many days I get out of this run before I re-style. So far, so good - I got dancing curls today! My only regret: I did all of this AFTER a new manicure. So yeah. Back to the drawing board.

Have a wonderful week - don't forget to bless someone with a SMILE!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

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