Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Love

Happy Friday, Curlfriends!

Just popping in to show you some love & send a cyber-hug on this Finally Friday!!!!

Last night, I decided to try an up-do since I have to wash my hair this weekend in preparation for my Darcy's Botanicals product review. I used one product to smooth the left side of my hair: Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz. Not sure I'm totally sold on this stuff. Seems like it just makes my air wet, then frizzes all the way out when it dries. I dunno; maybe I need to chase another product behind it? But hey - my pennies don't come cheap so I'm gonna use it 'till the last drop!

Leaving out the front of my coils in a sort of bangs thingy, I gathered the sides into a teeny pony puff, using my Denman to smooth it (with the Kinky Curly). This was the first time I used the Denman to smooth & I am quite pleased - SCORE! I'll be trying that method again soon. (I rarely use the Denman because my coils pretty much clump & do their own thing, almost better without the brush. So I use it on the rare occassions when I detangle with a styling tool).

Next, I took the aforementioned bangs & created a twist/roll, pinning the end of it underneath a mass of curls I left out dancing to the right. I was going to stop there, but decided to go ahead and tuck the loose coils into a half of a french roll. Tied it up, went to bed. This morning, it was still neat & seriously cut down my primping time for the j-o-b. HOWEVER....

Ya'll know I'm not good with hair pins, so I started snactching at the little daggers not even 30 minutes after I got to work. The little monsters are stabbing me in the head! I wish I could learn to pin properly. Needless to say, I may resemble Hot Mess by the the time 4:30 hits. But at least my scalp will be relieved of the annoying, self-enduced acupuncture.

What do you think, Curlies? Can I rock this? I should've put an accessory in it. No matter; I'm taking it down tonite, & see if I can revive my fro tomorrow for our next event. The Wandering Mimes - who pioneered the ministry of mime here in Big D - have their anniversary tomorrow & invited Ordered Steps to dance. We are so there! We're rocking out, so I need some bounce to my curls! We'll be wearing pink, which absolutely makes me giddy, ha ha!

Well if no one told you already today, I love ya! Have a blessed & safe weekend - keep the curl alive!!!!

There's 2 sidesd to every Frizz,

Natural dancer

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