Thursday, July 7, 2011

Curls Rule The World!

Hey, Curlies!

Do you know what screams "don't step into the light!" to a day that seems to be totally flatlining? A good ole dose of curly love! Yes, indeedy!

In my rush to get the j-o-b this morning, I forgot to pack up some of the yummy vittles my Hubbs bbq'd over the weekend. (Just lame - I had my mouth all set for that chicken, too! Now I didn't go all "Harlem Nights" in the place, even though my stomach started touching my back. And yes: I am a BEAST when I'm hone-gry!)

So I decided to play it economically smart & run over to my favorite lounging place, Tarjee. (You may know it as Target, ha ha!). Grabbing a few Chef Boyardee Buckets, I made my way to the Express checkout, laughing at the silly basket dwellers trapped in the abyss of extreme bargain hunters & couponers until the next Ice Age. Easy, breezy - no waiting!

When I got to the line, my checker smiled & said, "On your lunch break?" Laughing, I confirmed her suspicions with a nod of my fro. (It was a quick repair job on my July 4th blow-out gone horrendously wrong. More on that later.)

Scanning my stash, the checker said, "I see you come in here often. I recognize you because of your hair."

"Thanks!!!!" came my ecstatic, overly toothy reply. Then I took pause. "Uumm, I hope that's a good thing???" I quizzed.

"It's a GREAT thing!" she said. "I love your hair!"

I thanked her again, wanting to strike up a conversation, but taking note of the impatient lady behind me, who almost cut me off dashing to the register but retreated knowing she was wrong. I ran on back to The "J" with my spirits lifted. Not trying to be superficial or anything, but I felt like I was having a "blah" day & looked the part. I was rocking a shrunken fro with a front "flat" twist. (Yes, my use of quotations in "flat" reflect the poor job I did, but I think I came pretty close to success! I'd watched an old Curly Chronicles video & let her walk me through the How To. Great teaching, Autumn!)

The checker had a job to do, but in her friendliness she totally made my day; it's amazing how a stranger can get us to strike a pose like we're stylin' for Colgate, lol!

So there you have it, curly cuties! Always share a smile & kind never know how you'll transform someone's day! As for me, I slipped some S-Curl Moisturizer, Shea Moisture Smoothie & Pantene Curly Spray Gel in hopes of replenishing my 'do last night. I didn't like the way it fell, so I hooked up a loose pony that looks pretty good! I was trying to prepare for a dance event tomorrow night, which got canceled today. No matter. At least I still have my frizz!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

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