Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting Down To Celebrity Frizz: Syesha Mercado!

Great day, Curlie-Pies!
Can I tell you how excited I am? Seriously. There's been some fantastic happenings going on in my life & the with The Frizzness...can't wait to share them all with you! Starting with having the awesome pleasure of lending an ear to

a curly beauty whose melodious vocals simply sleighed audiences & carried her all the way to American Idol's Season Seven Top 3! An undeniable stage presence snagged her THE STARRING role of Deena Jones in Broadway's "Dream Girls." And if that isn't enough to knock you off your mane, later this year she's anticipating the big-screen release of her first feature film, aptly titled: DREAMS. (How many of us get to play the offspring of Mel Jackson & Vickie Winans?) An absolute joy to talk entertainment, natural hair & dental work (insider) with, let's catch up with model, singer & actress Syesha Mercado, whose incredible talent has her sitting on top of the world....of CURLS!

Congratulations on landing the part of "Mia" in "DREAMS!" Tell us about your experience.
SM: I'm really excited...the cast is extraordinary! Vickie Winans was a pleasure to work with; such a character, great personality & so sweet. In fact, I was invited to the Winans family Christmas dinner (Marvin Winans produced the film)! I'm considered family now. Mel Jackson’s scenes were also very impressive! Going from the stage - which is a chaotic pace - to the slower pace of a movie set was a nice transition.

Let's talk hair: Did you style it yourself on the set?
SM: Well, I thought Mia should have straight hair, but I was so blessed that the director loved my curly hair & didn't want to change a thing! I arrived to set with my hair prepped and the hairstylist put her finishing touches on it.

That's awesome to hear...acceptance as you are!
SM: Exactly! Hair is always a touchy subject on set. But I've learned to speak up & be honest without hurting someone's feelings. (I've also learned to come on set ready & PREPPED). I've been extremely blessed not have someone try to transform me completely.

So how do naturals in the industry "prep" for set arrival?
SM: Always let your director or someone know the time it takes for the desired hairstyle. Some days on set I had hours to finish my hair other days people were waiting on me. Curls are unpredictable. In Dreamgirls I wore 19 wigs, so my natural hair was never visible. I had a personal hairdresser to prep my hair every night with bobby pins and wig caps. Most of the tour took place in the winter time, so I wore a lot of hats to save the hassle of redoing my hair after each show. (Breathes a sigh of relief). It's important to know you do have an opinion - but do your part by showing up prepped.

So have you always been natural? Have you ever relaxed your frizz?
SM: I've always been natural, even though I tried to experiment in high school. (Laughing)My mom gave me a relaxer ....that did not go well AT ALL! In the end, it really just loosened my curl pattern. But I've always loved the natural look; it goes with my personality; it's fun!

How are you maintaining those beautiful curls?
SM: I've learned so much about natural hair. I've never been one of those girls that wraps my hair every night. A lot of times I just go to bed, get up, shake my hair & go! When I was younger, back home I just used the black gel because everyone was using gel! I thought that was the thing to do because I didn't know any better. It was cheap, affordable & convenient. But, it broke my hair off.

What products are your curls currently rocking?
SM: Right now, I'm using Wen products.

Really, WEN?
SM: I know, right? I was skeptical at first, especially because I cut my hair more and I'm blonde. But it's really been working well & doesn't strip hair of natural oils. You can use it to shampoo, wash & condition all in one. It doesn't dry out your hair; you can leave it in.

In the past, you were using Miss Jessie's, yes?
SM: I haven't used Miss Jessie's in a while (because of using WEN), but the Curly Pudding works amazing! I'll be trying some more of Miss Jessie's soon. There are so many great products out there! It just depends on your curl pattern or what you like.

What styles make your curls smile?
SM: I rarely straighten it unless I'm cutting it or trying to see length. I usually do twists elongate my curls. Once I blow dry the twists and untwist it looks freshly curled and edgy.If I want to sleep later, I'll blow dry & bobby pin my hair for a 1940's look. It will last up to two weeks - as each day goes by it forms it's own personality! I'll comb it out when it's getting frizzy & swoop it to the side. Sometimes, I like the 1940's look, sometimes I like youthful & edgy...those are my two favorite styles!

How did you learn to embrace your Frizzness?
SM: You know, if it frizzes, oh well. I think frizz adds personality. Natural hair is all about just doing it & figuring it out. Having curly hair is like always expecting the unexpected, even when you prep it. So I learned not to worry about it.

Tell us: what has made your strands cringe?
SM: (Hearty laugh) - Some BIG lessons learned! In college, my hair was mid-back length. I let my friend from back home straighten my hair using an old school iron. She burned my hair off in the middle!!!! My hair is STILL damaged from that! Like my mamma would say: 'Don't let everybody play in your hair!"

Oh no!!!!
SM: Yes! Oh, I have another one. Never have fire in your make-up area.

SM: Yes, ha ha! On the American Idol tour, the make-up artist asked me to get something. Well, a candle was by it. I bent down to pick it up & lit my hair on fire! So no fire in the make-up area!

Your hair is so beautiful.....we'd never know all the battle wounds your curls have!
SM: I got some scars, girl!

Why do you love acting so much?
SM: It's been my dream every since I was a little girl. We would have movie night every week at my house. My family played the same movie over & over again until I had the lines memorized. So I've always wanted to be on the big screen & do Broadway. Acting makes me feel good. When I do it, I feel like I'm making a difference - someone's life can be changed for the better.

Anything else you want to leave our Curlie-Pies with?
SM: Yes, please go DEMAND Dreams the movie! See the extended trailer at - and demand it. You can also request it via It's faith based, & just a really good story. You can find me on Facebook, my webpage ( or Twitter under my name. I do reply!

Monday, August 29, 2011

On Second Thought: Bee Mine Curly Butter Review!

Happy Monday to you, Curlies!

I have to tell you, all day Friday my coils were blushing so much, you'd have thought I'd Henna'd the way they glowed! No kidding; I felt like the Texas Rangers on their 11 game winning streak, fielding compliments from left & right. HOMERUN! And....are you sitting down for this? The source of my curly pride was of all things....a TWISTOUT!

No joke. If you've been keep up with my frizzies, you'd be all too familiar with my quest to perfect my little twisty-poo's. Well last week I decided to turn my puff into twists for the week using my BEE Mine Curly Butter as a refresher/holder. OMG. Wow. My fingers squealed with delight at the softness of my strands upon takedown. Like, clouds or something. My fro was so FULL, bouncy & lively others asked if they could touch it! My coils were in a happy place, feeling like stuffed animal stuffing. (A trifle redundant? Yes. Yet, I have no idea what goes inside a teddy bear's tummy).

Taking a note from 101LadyT on You Tube (her hair is simply I retwisted at night with no product, unless my ends were less than stellar. Which they were in tip top shape because the Bee Mine kept it totally moisturized!


I've never been in love with my twist outs. And I've stopped being a doofus, realizing that my end results will not look like all the other bevy of natural beauties out there that I admire; my coils spring eternal!

Would I retwist every night again? My coils LOOKED great, but man I don't like messing around in my mane every day. Then again, that's why my strands retained moisture - even in the Texas heat! Maybe next time I'll retwist every other day. We'll see.

How about you? What are your hair plans this week? And why can't I reply to you, Curlie-Pies? Google Connect says I'm not authorized. What???? Uuumm, I'M THE FACILITATOR! Grrrrrrr......

Here's to another awesome & BLESSED week; praying God's strength & fabulousness upon you!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,

Friday, August 26, 2011

I OBJECT! A Natural Attack On Afros?

Great Friday, Curlies!!!! If you're reading this, then we've been blessed with another day to curl the world! mane at a time!

Alrighty, I am by no means an overly-sensitive, controversial curly. I wholeheartedly believe that POSITIVE energy begets POSITIVE results. But I really couldn't hold my tongue (er, uh - pen) on this one.

My coils are weeping a bit.

Long story short my mane had it's feelings hurt the other night whilst watching the reality show "Dance Moms." In this particular eppy, the "instructor" Ms. Abby dressed little African-American cutie Nia (age 10) in a leopard print jumpsuit with a curly afro, giving her an "ethnic" dance solo to "They Call Me LaQueefa." (I'd never heard of the song, & don't care to again. For real; my ears itched after hearing it). Nia's mother Holly went slap off, saying over & over again she didn't want her little girl wearing a "stereotypical, 70's afro" & dancing to that music because it was not her black experience. Not to mention, the other girls happened to have solos potraying angels in beautiful costumes & such. Holly exclaiming to the other mommies that Ms. Abby "might as well have my baby picking cotton w/an Aunt Jemima wig on" was like rusty nails being snatched through my kinks. OUCH.

Now, while Ms. Abby's choices would raise eyebrows of ANY background (the choreography was trash with little more than rump-shaking & eye-winking), I was a little more than hurt that Holly viewed afros this way. I mean, really? Although the wig was uber atrocious (Holly picked it out), and I see where Holly was going, I wish she'd chosen better words to describe her anger/frustration. She is an educated, articulate, seemingly classy woman, who's been holding off getting with tyrant Abby for a minute. I think any reasonable parent would, given how poorly Ms. Abby treats the girls & rides Nia's back. Even so, little Nia always handles herself with more grace & elegance than many adults even with a Shrek-ish woman yelling in her face! Constantly. Verbal smackdown time had come. But maybe it arrived on the shoulders of naturalistas?

By the way, I saw a post where I believe Holly stated on Twitter that Nia began school this year in braids. I do not believe Holly has it in for naturals....I think anger took control. After all, there's nothing like a mamma scorned. And creative television editing. Hmmmmm.

What are your thoughts? Are we too sensitive? Does our one crown of hair represent the entire natural community? And finally: Is Lifetime Television indeed the devil?

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CURLFESSION: I'm A Bad Natural!

Good day, Curlie-Pies! This week, challenge yourself to do something BOLD, fresh & out of the ordinary! Things may be getting tough, but it's a fantastic time to re-purpose & chase after your dreams!!!!

So next month, my coils will have meticulously counted two years since their last smackdown from the creamy curl depressants (named "relaxers" in a strange twist of fate) & six months since bidding adieu to my fair-weather ends!
I must have searched, stalked, dissected, consumed & ingested every You Tube tutorial & hair blog in a fit of cyber gluttony until my little frizzies needed a trough of Pepto Bismol to calm their frazzled nerves. Shoot, all the research I conducted should earn me a hard-earned Master's degree from NATURAL IS NOT A FAD UNIVERSITY! Except for, well - I have a little confession.....

.....I'm a HORRIBLE natural!


Shamefaced, I might as well toss my curls over a splintered block of wood & break 'em off at the knee caps like the deranged chick did to the poor dude in the movie "Misery." (I love that movie. Aggression at its finest).

But back to the matter at hand. I'm a bad curlie. Don't believe me? The evidence speaks for itself. Allow me to explain:

#1) Protective Styling is my Arch-nemesis.
The Joker to Batman. Goliath to David. Plankton to Spongebob.
Any variation of a corn row, flat twist, glorious twisty-thingys to ME.
I wear my hair out, or in a puff/pony 99.8.25% of the time. I just so happen to be in 2 strand twists this week. But don't let their cuteness deceive your questioning eyes; the resulting twist-out will not make anyone's style wish list none too soon. Seriously, protective styles in fact hate my curl's guts. If they indeed have any. (And I'm inclined to believe they do). Darn the glam hair idols in their elegant updo glory! Drat the hair pins mercilessly stabbing me in my noggin because I never plant them correctly. And bless the bottom of my shoe I just can't swing a rockin' twistout. On the upside, my ends are healthy & perfectly coiled. I don't suffer from single strand knots, shedding is minimal, I can easily detangle with my fingers & I stay from heat - period. Oh and I sleep on a satin pillowcase. Redemption is mine!

Are you ready to snatch my natural pass yet? No? Well what about the fact that.....

#2) Why, yes - yes I DID put that on my head!
Ok, so I promise I'm not out to salmonella my curls, I'm really not! It's just that choosing which ingredients to feed our kinks & curls to me is akin to an excruciatingly extended game of Rock Paper Scissors - I just don't get it! And while there are very reputable (read: knowledgeable) naturals on the curly landscape, if I listen to every kitchen scientician in the blogosphere citing what MY hair likes, wants & needs, my coils will end up looking like the Scarecrow's stuffing in The Wiz: DRY! So I just can't ban a product from the Promised Land simply because it has mineral oil, silicones or such. What's trash for one mane may prove a feast for another. I mean, I drench my potato chips (well, any food leasing out space in my tummy) in Tabasco sauce. I don't know what I'd do without it in my life! Other folk are heat-intolerant. I know what my curls delight in, when they're pouting & when they have coil-digestion. I mean, I'm gentle with my strands & won't dunk my head in motor oil or anything like that, but our curls are sometimes like sheltered teens: once they are are finally released from the nest....they WILL show their hindquarters. There's nothing worse than curl-rebel, so don't be afraid to try new things with your crown!

#3) I DARE a pair of scissors to come near my coils!
Maybe it's residual trauma from previous trimming fiascoes. I may possibly be suffering from post BC ignorance-is-bliss delusion, or perhaps I just don't feel like cutting my daggone strands! Sure, I applaud those who never miss their regularly scheduled trimming session; some curlies really need that to keep their noggins in tip top form & relieve hair related stress. HOWEVER - if excessive single strand knotting isn't giving you the blues, if your ends are perky & positive, if tangles don't make you want to jump into a sulfate/mineral oil infested swap.....what are you cutting for? I think it's up to each individual Curlie-Pie's crown if & when it needs to be spit shined. We can easily tell a ratty end from one that's happy to be nappy. Just don't get so caught up in the "I have to trim every 3 months" that you stunt your mane's growth in the process!

When it comes to my tresses, I take a more Cyndi Lauper/"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" approach rather than "Mommie Dearest" (No more wire hangers!!!!!!). Suffice it to say, between my hubbs, my Monday - Friday/9 to 5, dance company AND blogging....who has time for another job or chore? No need to add years (& worry lines) onto our faces in our pilgrimage for healthy locks. After all, STRESS is detrimental to our internal HEALTH, and if our inside-self isn't on the mend, then how will our outside-self rock on fantabulously? Just saying. I simply adore HUGE hair as much as the next curly/kinky....but we remedy ourselves from our relaxed ends so we can be free, yes? Looking around at all the gorgeous naturals I spot everywhere, I'd say curly girls do indeed ROCK, whether kinky, curly, wavy, coily, afro'd, TWA'd or whatever. Have fun with your mane - the world is watching!

So there you have it. Do with me what you will. Freeze my Eco Styler. Product-nap all of my beloved Shea Moisture goodies. Flush my castor oil. Assault my unprotected coils with a flat iron. Well no, don't do THAT. I may be a "bad" curlie, but my fro is shiny, bouncy, healthy, happy & GROWING. Honestly, because I just let it be. Maybe that's "protective" styling after all. Remember in enjoying all of the wonderful resources we have at our fingertips & celebrating the awesomeness of natural hair, just don't go overboard. Put an ear to your mane & see what it has to say. You just may be surprised.

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

Friday, August 19, 2011

Frizzness Product Review: Bee Mine Products!

It's Friday, Curlfriends!

What a week this has been! I've got a whole lotta dancing going on over the next few days....I pray my coils don't go on strike! I'm trying to save the drama for the dance floor, not my curls! We'll see what the natural future holds

Now down to the business of reviewing. All I can say is: WOW. Just wow. Did I say wow?

The lovely Miss Tracey, owner of Bee Mine Hair Products shared a few samples of the product line with me & I am rendered speechless! But since blank space isn't good for the blog, I'll do my best to get you familiar with this wondrous line of products that I've been test running for the last couple of weeks. Wondercurls, activate!

Deja's Hair Milk
Can we talk about Deja's Hair Milk? Mmm, mmmm, mmmm- shut the front door! (But make sure you have your key!). My curls instantly perked up as I ran the milk through my strands. I rarely use tools to detangle, & Deja's made the job of my hands so simple. It's lush & lightweight yet extremely moisturizing. My coils had their thirst quenched without feeling like they were being drowned in a pool of greasy Crisco. Seeing how I am seriously sensitive to the scents of anything touching my delicate noggin, I flipped over this one because the grapefruit & peppermint oil scents reminded me of pink lemonade. I love pink lemonade. Really, I went into a daze sniffing my hair. It was so lovely. And no icky residue on my hands to boot! Price points begin at $15 for 8 oz - and trust: a little goes a LONG way.

Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer
Described as enriched with Pro Vitamins, natural proteins & healing butters that heal & nourish your hair/scalp, I decided to use the moisturizer on slightly damp hair to stand up against my old foe: The Twist Out. (Considering my twist record to present...I'm a glutton for punishment.) No worries here, however. The cream has a thick consistency that glides smoothly over strands without being gunky or messy. As with the hair milk, an incredibly small amount doesn't just coat your curls, but it soaks in & soothes your frizzies to comfort. Seriously. I might've heard my coils coo an "ahhhhhh" or two as I massaged the product in. It does not weigh the strands down - it actually gives them a boost! Right now, I'm in a state where I don't see the need for a trim because my ends coil perfectly and seem both healthy & happy. I do believe this product is a keeper to help them remain that way, as they curled up as soon as I passed the cream through them with not a hint of frizz. Price points begin at $18.97 for an 8 oz jar. Even if you're heavy handed like Yours Truly here, it'll take a while for you to go through the jar so I think it's worth it.

Bee Hold Curly Butter
Well bless my frizz! Please believe for my hair, which is extremely coily and soaks up more moisture than an NBA player in the last round of a championship game, this butter is the TRUTH. (In all caps. Because yes - it's that serious.) Described on the website a as "shea butter & aloe based curly butter packed with rich moisturizing nutrients to give you long lasting moisture & promote growth" I instantly fell in love with the Island Mango Scent. O.M.G.'ness. I felt like I was a kid sniffing glue & just couldn't stop! It just smells so good! The consistency is akin to a thin lotion, soaking easily into the hair and not plunked on top of the hand. Soft, touchable hold? Check. Defrizzed my frizzies? Check. Great definition? You betcha check! I tried this two different ways: revived an old wash n go & a twist out with the Luscious Moisturizer underneath. My hair was shiny, springy, smelled like Heaven on earth and held the frizzies in time out. Let me add that we danced in an extremely hot church last weekend, I was pooped & all sweated out - but my mane looked like it had never busted a move! It looked great! Go Speed Racer, go! Price points begin at $13.97 for an 8 oz jar. You barely have to put any on your hair - stretching your product and your dollars!

So there you have it, lovies! I am really excited about this product. My own fail moment was not snapping shots of my head after I danced last weekend because not a strand was out of place. And since I handled my curls much too much while testing everything out, I'm going to get totally twisted this week using the Curly Butter so I can let my head be for a minute. I'll report back with the results. If you're like me, watching every penny counts these days. I believe when you step out on faith investing your hard earned dollars into someone else's dream that the return should yield impeccable results. Nothing worse than being disappointed AND out of loot. For me personally, Bee Mine is a wise investment. My hair feels & looks like a dream. My hands were not disgusted with the feel of it either. Oh & I almost forgot: my hair shrunk plenty more with Bee Mine because it is so lightweight (you can touch your hair with ease) so if you're afraid of shrinkage, don't be. The way I see it, at least the curls aren't resting (and breaking) on our shoulders, right?

Have you tried Bee Mine? What were your results? Check out the site:

Have an awesome weekend; stay encouraged!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guess Who's Coming To Curl?

Great day, Curlies!

This week has been....interesting. My little fingers have been entrenched in my coils quite a bit more than ususal as I navigate through some pretty spectacular (and some epic fail) products to share with you all. Which brings me to....

.....the brick wall I keep slamming into regarding product reviews. Sigh. Allow me explain: When it comes to dressing up my 'do, I'm not exactly an ingredient spy. No playing kitchen scientician for me. (After all, I'm still trying to master the game of Rock/Paper/Scissors to no avail! Insert blank stare). On the other hand, I don't want my coils (or yours) consuming anything that will curl-poison them!

I've perused like ten-teen million You Tube natural hair advice & tutorial vids (I really love seeing these ladies work their frizz) and I've partaken of a zillion more blogs during my natural pilgrimage only to come to a singular revelation: Just give your mane what it wants!

Seriously, I think new naturals must be going into a curl frenzy, what with all the yes cones, no cones, snow cones, no poo, pre poo, poo poo, natural oil, mineral, motor oil, don't-you-dares, always beware, who-made-these-up-anyway, HAIR RULES! I've been at this thing nearly two years (transition + BC) and it straightens my frizz just thinking about it! But since I'm the only one who's gotta wear my coils, and you're the only one who can rock yours, we have to allow our kinks & curls to go with their gut. If they have one. The way mine drinks moisture, I'm pretty sure it exists. I just don't want my curls tossing their lunch on me - not really a good look. I digress.

That said, I've got a gang of product reviews coming at you that are not meant to influence, preach at, commmand or demand of you; I do not own a Hair Police badge, lol! However, I simply want to share what's working for me & ultimately want to hear what works for you. No two curls are alike ....and we're in this thing together, ya'll. So look out for some totally non-biased, non-influenced, no nonsense product reviews fashioned by Yours Truly in the coming weeks. And if you would like to submit your own review or be featured on the site, hit me up:

Until next time, give someone a smile - it's our best accessory. And it's FREE!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting Down To Frizzness: Naptural85!!!!!

Great Monday, Curlies!
We've been blessed with another week to re-invent, re-imagine & re-FOCUS on our dreams; Chase after them......they are not too far away!

I've been EXCITED, EXCITED, EXCITED about today's natural interview to say the very least! When going natural emerged as merely a thought in my terribly inquisitive mind, I came across a video from this young lady posted on You Tube. I found her to be stunning, articulate, informative and......interesting. Before long, my studious eyes took to a state of rebellion , as I'd sat to watch ALL of her videos in a single swoop - some more than once! (Don't judge me, ha ha!). Six months into my journey (post BC), I can seriously say that I still rely on her videos (and blog) for jaw-dropping hairstyles/technique, sound advice, a good laugh & easy commentary making you feel like you're relaxing in the living room with a great friend. Let's get down to Frizzness w/Whit, the adorable natural beauty known to her fans as Naptural85!

You have inspired so many hopeful women (including myself) through your YouTube videos! Those who adore your personality & wisdom are truly excited with anticipation as they wait on your next cyber-release! Tell us about your amazing YouTube journey & how it’s changed your life:

How long have you been rocking your frizzness?

Haha, thank you! I've been rocking my frizzness for 3 years now; time is definitely flying!

Did you desire a second date following your BC/End of transition, or did you make reservations for a party of ONE?

Oh, yeaaa, I made reservations for a party of one, Lol! In the beginning I wasn't ready to wear my short hair, so I had my mom braid it back up with extension braids until I was ready to take them out. About one or two months later, I had to remove my braids because my curly hair was rejecting them and they kept falling out! When they fell out in the office, and then at the gym, I knew it was time to accept my fate, lol!

So I took the braids out, felt extremely awkward for about two weeks, and then all of a sudden snapped out of it and began loving my curls! I think I just needed the time to get used to how I really looked... it was definitely a growing experience for me!

Natural Hair doesn't define who you are BUT.....
... [AND] it definitely makes a statement that I won't be put in a box. I think that people judge you when they see your natural hair and think that you're "DIVA-licious" or about to say "cool cat", "daddio", and snap your fingers and such. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just not me.

I think in this day and age, we are going to be able to seriously bust those stereotypes to pieces because so many women are going natural now. We all have different reasons why and different personalities, so I'm hoping that the stigma of natural hair defining our personalities and mindsets gets thrown out the window. Yes, it's about self-acceptance and self-growth, but the key word is "SELF" and everyone's "SELF" is different.

What was the moment of epiphany in your journey?

About two weeks after I took out my extension braids, got over feeling awkward with my short hair and the people staring at me, and just said "forget it,"... my life changed. That was when I finally felt free. Before then, I chose to define myself by what others thought of me; I looked outside myself for acceptance. Well, cutting off your hair will slap that mindset right out of you because people look at you like you're crazy, lol! There comes a point when you just can't take caring about what people think anymore and you just SNAP, but in a GOOD way. It's a "... well, if they won't accept me, I'll accept me because I'm all I have..." type of moment and you begin to love yourself entirely without a care in the world about what anyone thinks of you. That's the "Natural Hair Epiphany."

Because natural manes are so unpredictable, how do you combat feeling defeated on days when your crown seems less than stellar (based your OWN criteria)?

Lol, oh man, I hate those days! It's usually right before it's time to wash my hair because I get lazy; It's tangled, bushy, and dry. I either throw it back in a bun, or hop in the shower to refresh and throw in a ponytail; it's an easy fix. I don't feel like I'm looking my best, so it definitely effects me, but that's just the name of the game... everyone has bad hair days!

It's probably a good thing though, because it makes me want to wash and style my hair quickly so I don't have to feel bad anymore! Natural hair is so funny because as good as it can look, it can also look just as bad if you let it go for like four days... it's so fickle.

Do random people attempt to lay hands in your mane?

Lol, I've never had complete strangers try and touch my hair. I've had people whom I've just met like an hour before try and touch it, but not complete strangers. Lol, they at least introduce themselves first before reaching in for the grab.

Do you find your mane becoming the grand topic of conversation?

Lol, yea, it's always the "go-to" discussion. Once the conversation starts to fade, it's the "... ohh, your hair..." [insert smile and head tilt]...

CONFIDENCE CHECK: Has natural hair allowed you to dance as if no one is watching, or has your aurora remain unfazed since your relaxed days?

The process of going natural has definitely helped me figure out who I am without the outside smoke and mirrors. I'm definitely more comfortable in my own skin because I don't feel like I'm trying to be anything or anyone else, I just am me.

Share some secrets leading to a fabulous, happy, HEALTHY mane...promise we WILL tell!

LOL! That's hilarious... Secrets to a fabulous, happy mane? Water. Keep your hair moisturized! That is it! Do whatever you need to do to keep that water in your strands and you'll be fine.

What was the WORST mistake you’ve made along the way?

When I had kinky twists in the beginning of my journey, I twisted the front a bit too tight and experienced some breakage. That was a minor setback, but I definitely learned not to twist too tightly.

What advice can you bless new, transitioning or frustrated kinky curly queens with?

If you're frustrated, put your hair in a style where you don't have to play with it at all. For example, extensions, twists, braids, etc... that you can keep in for months at a time. That way, you're not worrying about it. Your journey should be fun, if it's something you're not enjoying, your experience will not be a positive one, which could result in a negative attitude towards your hair... that's not something you're looking for, I'm sure! So do whatever it is that you need to do to make yourself happy.

What natural experiments put the glam in your crown? Which ones ended up filed under
Campaign EPIC FAIL

Haa!!! Lol, Perm rods all over my head = EPIC FAILURE... yea, it was like a curly fro on steroids... (that one's filed in the "Never to be uploaded on Youtube" folder)

As for glam in my crown, I lOVE the bantu knots!

What's the most fabulous part of your journey to frizzness?

My increase in self-acceptance, love, and confidence is definitely the most fabulous part. I don't have to hide my curls every 6 weeks with chemicals. It's all me, and if you don't like it, #pshhh oh well!

Outside of your gorgeous mane, what inspires you?

I love crafts... really anything having to do with arts and crafts I can get lost in for days! Reading, drawing, decorating, writing, exercising; I'm all over the place! I guess I just enjoy creating in all it's aspects.

How can our beautiful readers find you on the web?

They ARE beautiful! I see you there reading with your gorgeous mane! Go girl! Lol!
Well, you can find me at and!

Many thanks & blessings for getting down to frizzness!

Thank you so much for the feature!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Life Begins At Curly!


The first snip hit my stomach like a Walker Texas Ranger kick to the guts of all the bad dudes in Texas. Granted, it WAS accidentally on purpose, however I don't think I was as ready as I thought I would be. But being the valiant soldier that I am, I kept it moving.

Snip, snip, snip. Each cut sounding like an old rusty zipper, struggling to come to a inconclusive close.

Uh, where was that liberating feeling, the passion of renewal so strong, I wouldn't be able to contain myself from cutting a mean rug in the middle of a traffic congested street like in the movie "Footloose?" Why had I heard so many natural cuties proclaiming the awesomeness of their transformations from the mountaintops, while I all I was left with was a feeling of "What did I just do?" And a sour stomach to boot. With each long, anemic strand hitting my towel protected lap, came the same chalkboard-piercing inquiry in my mind: WHAT DID I JUST DO?

I couldn't help it. When I was a mere child, I was totally enamored of my own version of the Linus blanket. Only, my version of the "blanket" was affixed to the top of my head. Yep, I used to take sheets, pillowcases - whatever frilly, flowy fabric I could crown my head with, and run like the wind with it trailing behind me. You couldn't tell me I wasn't hawt with my adolescent manufactured cotton tracks. Shoot, I was "Smizing" before Tyra made it popular with my baby swag. And for some reason, I keep seeing the source of my hair exhibitionism as...Cher. I was a Cher fan for real. And before I discovered Whitney Houston wanted to dance with somebody with that cute little 'do & headbow she was rocking, I was really thinking I could have Cher's coif. Maybe it was when Penny impersonated the legend on "Good Times" that reeled me in. Because Penny was the bomb & a darn good actress. Yet, I digress.

In my self contained little universe it was a blast to have hair that was straight like Cher's to fling around, or tightly sponge-rolled into glamorous curls like Lucille Ball - whom I adore(d) dearly. I opted for the Lucy 'do all the way through high school - set nightly and doused with Lottabody. But every once in awhile, I wanted to borrow Chaka Kahn's massive mane, or rock Diana Ross' unbelievable coif. Alas, sporting an ever present press-n-curl, my strands were too fine & too thin to resemble even an accidental chunk of those ladies' dreamy tresses. The funny thing was, my mom had the biggest ponypuff anyone had seen! The more she fought it, the bigger it swelled. Talk about the everyday hair idol - it was my mom for sure! I wanted some bounce in my don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

Somewhere along my hair-volution, my vision blurred. I couldn't see my strands for what they were; I had no idea I was running from my very own dream! I'd played heat n run for years & didn't know whether my mane resembled Tia's or Tamara's! (As it turns out, neither sister is my hair twin). I knew one thing - I was ready to come off The Comb! First Mom was raking & yanking through my scalp, then my older sister grudgingly hooked up my kitchen ( I still have a scar on the inside of my right elbow as evidence of said hair torture, should she choose to deny it) and finally, I was frying my own wig. Somewhere in the middle came & went my Jheri Curl, quickly vanishing after taking full advantage of my delicate tresses. And then there was....THE PERM. I loved tossing my straight, soft, flowy, SEE THROUGH tresses around. My hair grew long, but was so THIN. I abhorred most updo's because you could tell how thin it was. (Except with my bob. It was super cute. For real. I adored it, actually. But ponies? Uuugghhhh.) Every Saturday - I hope you heard the emphasis on E'RY - I could be seen at 4:45 in the morning, making sure I was on time to have my curls meticulously beaten into submission by 5 am. I didn't have time to sit up at the shop all day, so I elected to sit up all morning instead. At least I loved my 'do. I had no choice, seeing how I got the same style - every week.

My 20's came & went faster than Fox TV cancels a show! (Can you tell I'm still bitter that my beloved Jack Bauer/"24" is off the air?). But I was always looking. Admiring. Ok, maybe a bit of side drool, too. My favorite actress was Cree Summer - two guesses why? 30 caught up with me before I could even acknowledge its invitation. Wasn't sure I wanted to attend that party, but it was inevitable. The further I slipped into middle age (is THAT what I am?) the more I'd forgotten what my natural mane ever even resembled. As my tresses raced down my back, they thinned and resided in their ever present home: rubber bands & scrunchies. Mmm, hmmm.

Then I met her. The most beautiful thing I'd ever seen! Heartbreakingly, she lived on someone else's head. "Girlfriends" hit the air, & I was all about the Tracee Ellis Ross hair! Good, googly-goo, why couldn't I have that in my life?! And I mean, I started admiring every natural lady I saw everywhere. Wondering how I could be a part of their secret alliance. Why was I cursed with this straight hair? Uuumm, yeah. I assumed I had straight hair.

Somewhere past 35 & The Rest Of Your Life, I stumbled across You Tube videos of "how to's" on natural hair. What a novel idea! I must have been Spirit-led to Curly Nikki, which opened a haven of natural sites for me to explore while I floundered between deciding to surrender my kinks to the creamy stuff or pardon them to fly free like the wind! By the time I made a conscious decision to divorce the perms, I was 6 months post. It was certainly easier on the budget, but what would my curly husband think? What about co-workers? Friends? The audiences I dance in front of? ME? Would I love Me? Or kick Me to the curb? How could I do this at almost 40? Absurd! Ridonkulous! Crazy! WHO DOES THAT? But me, I'm kinda...quirky. Maybe just maybe this could work.

Snip! Couldn't distinguish between excitement, fear or the Taco Bell I'd earlier gluttoned on. But the feeling was there.
"I just turned 37 two weeks ago. I'm too old to be changing."
"I mean, I did all the SHOULD be alright. Shouldn't it?"
"Oh gosh. It's really gone."

Was stunned. Dry. Frizzy. Short. Inconceivably unrecognizable from my former self. Different. Kinda, I don't know. Something else.

So here I am, 5 months post BC afterlife. Who knew I'd be loving it! I don't think I've ever been this comfortable in my own skin, let alone rocking a crown piece with dare I say, PERSONALITY?! I'm amazed that these coils are leasing out a spot on my very own noggin! I spent so much time fighting the very thing that would eventually define my personal, quirky, eclectic style. Getting to know my curls is only half the battle. Getting to love them is a hole 'notha story!

For me, life will not begin at began at curly!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting Down To Frizzness: Shaquaila!

She's sweet, beautiful, intelligent,motivated....and has a rockin' mane of curls! Let's meet Shaquaila - Frizzness Natural Beauty!

How long have you been rocking your frizzness?

I started transitioning in April 2009. After a summer of braids and twist, I decided its time to make a change. On September 28, 2009, I did my big chop. So I have been natural 21 months total.

Did you desire a second date following your BC/End of transition, or did you make reservations for a party of ONE?

I called my best friend over after work on September 28. I told him I was having a hair crisis. After 5.5 months of transitioning, I felt the only way it could be dealt with was with a pair of scissors and India Arie in the background playing. With his support, I started chopping it off. However, I did go to the barber for a shapeup the next day.

Natural Hair doesn't define who you are BUT...

However, it contributes to the light from within me, that I let shine confidently. I have always been a person full of excitement. Since being natural, my energy is unidentifiable.

What was the moment of epiphany in your journey?
My moment of epiphany was when I began to notice how much more relaxed and confident I was when speaking about my natural journey to those interested or appearing interested. I noticed that I smiled at people when they would frown at the “thought” of me walking around with “Nappy” hair. My smile only left them with looks of confusion. Many individuals find it challenging to expect change and go beyond the norms of society.

Because natural manes are so unpredictable, how do you combat feeling defeated on days when your crown seems less than stellar (based your OWN criteria)?
I have to remind myself that each day is different, and just because I rocked a fierce twist out one day, does not mean I will the next. Also remembering not to have high expectations of my hair helps considering it is unpredictable. Normally my worst hair days to me, are the best according to my peers.

Do random people attempt to lay hands in your mane?
Yes, random people do try to put their hands in my hair. My reaction depends on the setting, situation and/or person. I once was uneducated and very interested in other natural around me; therefore, I do not mind the questions and curiosity of my hair.

Do you find your mane becoming the grand topic of conversation?
OMG, Yes I do. I am a “talker”, such a friendly kinda gal. Since being natural, I’ve met so many cool peeps, whether be in the mall, grocery store, bank, work, gym….you name it, just from interest of my hair! I do notice that at work, I find myself constantly discussing the versatility of the different styles I do. I work in a predominantly Caucasian evironmonent; therefore, many of them think its “cool” that my hair can look so different each day.

CONFIDENCE CHECK: Has natural hair allowed you to dance as if no one is watching, or has your aurora remain unfazed since your relaxed days?
YES, it has….I dance and carry on like no other. I tend to often feel so Sassy due to the liberation!

Share some secrets leading to a fabulous, happy, HEALTHY mane...promise we WILL tell!
My biggest “secret” is finding yourself worth, because there will be many challenges that comes about. I mean this is life, and throughout life, we all endure journeys. Knowing that each natural hair journey cannot be duplicated, because its individual intent was originated for only you.

What was the WORST mistake you’ve made along the way?
Personally, I do not feel I’ve made “horrible” mistakes, but a constant struggle in the beginning was learning what products do and don’t work for me. Of course Im still trying to figure that out, but remembering that because it worked wonders on someone else mane, doesn’t mean it will on mine.

What advice can you bless new, transitioning or frustrated kinky curly queens with?
Try keeping your cool and remain patience. Patience is the ultimate key within each journey.

What's the most fabulous part of your journey to frizzness?
Educating others that are interested in being natural, or that’s already within their journey. And the joy of knowing that no one looks like me, especially if Im in a room full of relaxed (no offense) women. I love options, difference and versatility, which are all things that my natural mane provides me with. Oh and being featured in Essence May 2010 Natural Hair Edition has been a FAB moment.

Outside of your gorgeous mane, what inspires you?
Other phenomenal women that aren’t afraid to stand for what they believe. In addition, knowing that being natural for me is more than a trend or fad, but a lifestyle change.

How can our beautiful readers find you on the web?
I can be found on facebook, my user name is Shaquaila Jones. Or follow me on twitter at nappibutterfli

Many thanks & blessings for getting down to frizzness!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Time for a great Monday!

Good Morning & Great Monday, Natural Cuties!

I pray you had a great weekend....mine was truly BLESSED!

So I tried something new on my coils over the a twist-out! Shut the front door! (lol). Seriously though, I think my curls just may be in LOVE. But since the aforementioned comments are totally based on my knee-jerk reaction, besides being completely swept off my size 5 feet by the product's scent, I need to give it a few run-throughs before I reveal the new object of my mane's desire. But you can bet it'll BEE a lovely day! (Hint, hint.)

We will also be announcing the winners of the Loreen Hall "Momma Africa" earrings, so stay tuned.

Lots of great things coming up (including some off the curl, rockin' interviews!); let's make this week a terrific one!

Lovin' & huggin' because it makes me smile,
natural dancer

Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, Lovebugs!!!!

I got lots of great things coming up on The Frizzness.....I pray you continue to journey with me!

It's been a hiney-kicking week, but hey: it's never more than we can bear, right?
I just wanted to encourage someone today who may just need it; including ME. (Singing in my best alto: "Some/times, You have to encourage YOURSELF!" )

Friendly reminder: the earring giveaway deadline is TODAY, so if you haven't entered, you have until 11 pm tonite.

The heat's still beating us down but has granted me quite the puff. I kept thing "I really need to do something with my head!" but this morning as a small fire kept us from entering the workspace, two very sweet ladies said, "WOW! We just love your pretty curls!" (Hee-hee...I'm STILL blushing,) So we'll see. OSP is dancing Sunday, & if I don't do something by tomorrow....let's just leave it at that.

So lovely ladies, I leave you with this: "A solid challenge will bring forth your finest abilities." Hmmm. GOD is able. Challenges. Abilities. There's a Word in there somewhere.....

Have an awesome weekend! Cyber-hug!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Conservative WILD CHILD!

Hi, Curlies!!!!

I pray your week has been a great one so far. It's still HOT in Dallas. Yeah - just needed you all to know that insightful tidbit.

So I was enjoyng pictures & blogs of some of my favorite natural inspirations, basically just in awe of all the cool things natural hair can do. Twirling one of my own coils in my hand, I started thinking about the one transitioning regret that I have - six months into my natural tenure: lack of experimenting.

Yes ma'am, I wish I'd experimented more throughout my journey. See once I found products & a routine that properly addressed my active lifestyle as well as my dieting budget, I just stuck with it. Literally. Co-wash in four sections. Wet braid (using V05 Strawberries & Cream Moisture Milks, EVOO, seal with shea butter), unbraid in the morning, bun/pony. Start again once it began looking janky.

That was it. Every week. For 17 months until my BC. And while it was neat, presentable & kinda cute - I handicapped my arsenal of natural traffic-stopping styles. The conservative wild child played it safer than a boss passing the buck onto his unsuspecting underlings! Heads WILL roll!

Don't get me wrong, because as my fro grows up, I'm taking comfort in feeling that it might be able to block somebody's view one day. For the most part, I let my curls run free. But I'd love to try some funky up-do's with a cornrow here & a twist there. Something other than my beloved flower adornments. Longing for something other than just....BIG. And cute. I didn't even think it was possible, but going natural actually made me look even younger than I already do. (My hubby is not my pops, people!!! Lol). I desire a bit more, uummm - sophistication, if you will.

What do you think, ladies? How can I get my coils to walk a little on the wild side? I try looking at You Tube tuts and STILL wind up looking a hot mess. That's it. I'm on a new mission - stylers unite! And please: help a curly out!

In the meantime: if you are currently transitioning, take time to get to know your hair & don't be afraid to try new things! You never know who may end up adoring your tresses - including YOURSELF.

Don't forget The Natural Notts/Loreen Hall "Momma Africa" earring giveaway ends FRIDAY. Submit your entry today!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,

natural dancer

Monday, August 1, 2011

Giveaway Time!!!!!!

Good morning, Curlies!!!!

I don't know about you, but it's HOT here in Dallas! We're currently upwards of 105-107 degrees (or more) ALL THIS WEEK. I'm tired, drained & don't want to go outside to play anymore!!!! My fro seems to be on the grow (woo hoo!) but I'm too tired to mess around with, so last night I turned Next Food Network Star on the old tube, whipped out some Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie & proceeded to twist the night away! (Actually, it was only about an hour & 15 minutes. I'm getting faster at this thing). My head already feels cooler & relieved not to have my little paws fussing at it.

Enough about me. This week is all about YOU, my little lovlies!!!! August is ushering me into my 6 month nappiversary - hallelujah! And to celebrate, The Frizzness is kicking off our very first GIVEAWAY! (Two hand claps for free stuff!)

We've partnered with the awesome Designs By Loreen Hall/Natural Notts to bless two Frizzness readers with one pair each of original designs from Loreen's "Momma Africa Earring Collection!" These delightful accessories are expertly designed as sweet accents to any hairstyle or garment & come in a variety of colors for you to choose from!

"How do I win?!" So glad you asked!

To qualify:
You must be a follower of The Frizzness!
Head on over to Facebook & "Like" BOTH the Designs by Loreen Hall Jewelry Page ( & the Natural Notts Page (

Once you've completed these easy steps, let us know in the "Comments" section. And that's it! Now I know sometimes, Blogger likes to behave like a bad hair day & won't let you comment, grrrrrrrr! So leave me an e-mail at if that happens and you're covered! Easy, breezy.

The contest runs today until 11 pm Friday, August 5th. The winners will be randomly chosen & notified immediately.

Check out the colors to choose from here:

I pray you all have a wonderful week....let's get down to Frizzness!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer