Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, Lovebugs!!!!

I got lots of great things coming up on The Frizzness.....I pray you continue to journey with me!

It's been a hiney-kicking week, but hey: it's never more than we can bear, right?
I just wanted to encourage someone today who may just need it; including ME. (Singing in my best alto: "Some/times, You have to encourage YOURSELF!" )

Friendly reminder: the earring giveaway deadline is TODAY, so if you haven't entered, you have until 11 pm tonite.

The heat's still beating us down but has granted me quite the puff. I kept thing "I really need to do something with my head!" but this morning as a small fire kept us from entering the workspace, two very sweet ladies said, "WOW! We just love your pretty curls!" (Hee-hee...I'm STILL blushing,) So we'll see. OSP is dancing Sunday, & if I don't do something by tomorrow....let's just leave it at that.

So lovely ladies, I leave you with this: "A solid challenge will bring forth your finest abilities." Hmmm. GOD is able. Challenges. Abilities. There's a Word in there somewhere.....

Have an awesome weekend! Cyber-hug!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

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