Friday, August 19, 2011

Frizzness Product Review: Bee Mine Products!

It's Friday, Curlfriends!

What a week this has been! I've got a whole lotta dancing going on over the next few days....I pray my coils don't go on strike! I'm trying to save the drama for the dance floor, not my curls! We'll see what the natural future holds

Now down to the business of reviewing. All I can say is: WOW. Just wow. Did I say wow?

The lovely Miss Tracey, owner of Bee Mine Hair Products shared a few samples of the product line with me & I am rendered speechless! But since blank space isn't good for the blog, I'll do my best to get you familiar with this wondrous line of products that I've been test running for the last couple of weeks. Wondercurls, activate!

Deja's Hair Milk
Can we talk about Deja's Hair Milk? Mmm, mmmm, mmmm- shut the front door! (But make sure you have your key!). My curls instantly perked up as I ran the milk through my strands. I rarely use tools to detangle, & Deja's made the job of my hands so simple. It's lush & lightweight yet extremely moisturizing. My coils had their thirst quenched without feeling like they were being drowned in a pool of greasy Crisco. Seeing how I am seriously sensitive to the scents of anything touching my delicate noggin, I flipped over this one because the grapefruit & peppermint oil scents reminded me of pink lemonade. I love pink lemonade. Really, I went into a daze sniffing my hair. It was so lovely. And no icky residue on my hands to boot! Price points begin at $15 for 8 oz - and trust: a little goes a LONG way.

Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer
Described as enriched with Pro Vitamins, natural proteins & healing butters that heal & nourish your hair/scalp, I decided to use the moisturizer on slightly damp hair to stand up against my old foe: The Twist Out. (Considering my twist record to present...I'm a glutton for punishment.) No worries here, however. The cream has a thick consistency that glides smoothly over strands without being gunky or messy. As with the hair milk, an incredibly small amount doesn't just coat your curls, but it soaks in & soothes your frizzies to comfort. Seriously. I might've heard my coils coo an "ahhhhhh" or two as I massaged the product in. It does not weigh the strands down - it actually gives them a boost! Right now, I'm in a state where I don't see the need for a trim because my ends coil perfectly and seem both healthy & happy. I do believe this product is a keeper to help them remain that way, as they curled up as soon as I passed the cream through them with not a hint of frizz. Price points begin at $18.97 for an 8 oz jar. Even if you're heavy handed like Yours Truly here, it'll take a while for you to go through the jar so I think it's worth it.

Bee Hold Curly Butter
Well bless my frizz! Please believe for my hair, which is extremely coily and soaks up more moisture than an NBA player in the last round of a championship game, this butter is the TRUTH. (In all caps. Because yes - it's that serious.) Described on the website a as "shea butter & aloe based curly butter packed with rich moisturizing nutrients to give you long lasting moisture & promote growth" I instantly fell in love with the Island Mango Scent. O.M.G.'ness. I felt like I was a kid sniffing glue & just couldn't stop! It just smells so good! The consistency is akin to a thin lotion, soaking easily into the hair and not plunked on top of the hand. Soft, touchable hold? Check. Defrizzed my frizzies? Check. Great definition? You betcha check! I tried this two different ways: revived an old wash n go & a twist out with the Luscious Moisturizer underneath. My hair was shiny, springy, smelled like Heaven on earth and held the frizzies in time out. Let me add that we danced in an extremely hot church last weekend, I was pooped & all sweated out - but my mane looked like it had never busted a move! It looked great! Go Speed Racer, go! Price points begin at $13.97 for an 8 oz jar. You barely have to put any on your hair - stretching your product and your dollars!

So there you have it, lovies! I am really excited about this product. My own fail moment was not snapping shots of my head after I danced last weekend because not a strand was out of place. And since I handled my curls much too much while testing everything out, I'm going to get totally twisted this week using the Curly Butter so I can let my head be for a minute. I'll report back with the results. If you're like me, watching every penny counts these days. I believe when you step out on faith investing your hard earned dollars into someone else's dream that the return should yield impeccable results. Nothing worse than being disappointed AND out of loot. For me personally, Bee Mine is a wise investment. My hair feels & looks like a dream. My hands were not disgusted with the feel of it either. Oh & I almost forgot: my hair shrunk plenty more with Bee Mine because it is so lightweight (you can touch your hair with ease) so if you're afraid of shrinkage, don't be. The way I see it, at least the curls aren't resting (and breaking) on our shoulders, right?

Have you tried Bee Mine? What were your results? Check out the site:

Have an awesome weekend; stay encouraged!

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