Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guess Who's Coming To Curl?

Great day, Curlies!

This week has been....interesting. My little fingers have been entrenched in my coils quite a bit more than ususal as I navigate through some pretty spectacular (and some epic fail) products to share with you all. Which brings me to....

.....the brick wall I keep slamming into regarding product reviews. Sigh. Allow me explain: When it comes to dressing up my 'do, I'm not exactly an ingredient spy. No playing kitchen scientician for me. (After all, I'm still trying to master the game of Rock/Paper/Scissors to no avail! Insert blank stare). On the other hand, I don't want my coils (or yours) consuming anything that will curl-poison them!

I've perused like ten-teen million You Tube natural hair advice & tutorial vids (I really love seeing these ladies work their frizz) and I've partaken of a zillion more blogs during my natural pilgrimage only to come to a singular revelation: Just give your mane what it wants!

Seriously, I think new naturals must be going into a curl frenzy, what with all the yes cones, no cones, snow cones, no poo, pre poo, poo poo, natural oil, mineral, motor oil, don't-you-dares, always beware, who-made-these-up-anyway, HAIR RULES! I've been at this thing nearly two years (transition + BC) and it straightens my frizz just thinking about it! But since I'm the only one who's gotta wear my coils, and you're the only one who can rock yours, we have to allow our kinks & curls to go with their gut. If they have one. The way mine drinks moisture, I'm pretty sure it exists. I just don't want my curls tossing their lunch on me - not really a good look. I digress.

That said, I've got a gang of product reviews coming at you that are not meant to influence, preach at, commmand or demand of you; I do not own a Hair Police badge, lol! However, I simply want to share what's working for me & ultimately want to hear what works for you. No two curls are alike ....and we're in this thing together, ya'll. So look out for some totally non-biased, non-influenced, no nonsense product reviews fashioned by Yours Truly in the coming weeks. And if you would like to submit your own review or be featured on the site, hit me up:

Until next time, give someone a smile - it's our best accessory. And it's FREE!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

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Mongs said...

I love your curls! Some people are spending lots at the salon to get curls and you get them for free...haha. I've got frizzy hair too, some days they stick out awkwardly. People with curly hair just need a good hairstylist who knows how to trim it nicely so it looks even better. HAve fun!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!