Friday, May 13, 2016

Introducing Curls Misbehaving's - The Edge of Petty: The Nation's First Natural Novela!

Telenovelas - so cheesy, so much juice, who needs tea?

So it's not only our kinks & curls that act a donkey on us at the most toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe times...our general universe can hand us a smackdown at any given moment! But we dust ourselves off & live for another twistout.

So, let's have a little fun - take a journey with Jermine Lovely, heroine of Curls Misbehaving's "Edge of Petty" ~ the nation's first natural novela (penned exclusively for Curly Nikki & Curls Misbehaving) as she navigates natural hair, unemployment, rowdy friends, spiritual awakening & of course love!

Will Jermaine's twists dry before her world unravels?
Jump on in & see!

Blessings & curls ~  cj