Wednesday, May 23, 2012

INFLUENSTER REVIEW : Sally Hansen Nail Strips in Frock Star!

"Cool nails!!!"

Those two little words uttered by my boss during our team meeting sealed the fate of the following review....and I am excited about it!!!

INFLUENSTER, the country's leading consumer product testing community was kind enough to bless me with it's Spring Beauty Vox Box, which housed Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail strips in FROCK STAR. (The name alone makes me feel all kinds of cute).

I've been kinda coveting these little dandies for a while since I am typically , literally on the go & don't have enough time right now to invest in nail-arting my little knubbs - which used to be a passion of mine. And since I'm a smokey-eye during the day, white-wearing after Labor Day rule breaker kinda curly girl, the brightness & glitz of the strips sold me immediately! Nails are surefire attention-getters, & I've got permanent red on my cheeks from blushing so much at the compliments I've been getting on this "polish".

Now, even though there is no drying time involved here, I would suggest if you haven't used the strips before, set aside a few good minutes to review the iinstructions & FOLLOW THEM. I am a great polisher....however I am not a fantastic applicator. Seriously. Not even understanding that, but - I digress.

The strips are easy to adhere to the fingers, easy to cut (one strip covers two of my nails so why waste any of it) & because of all the happy colors, you can't even tell I didn't quite get the tips as awesome as I have seen other ladies do. But since I have plenty left over, I'll shoot for perfection again until they are gone!

At a price of $9.99, the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips at first seem a bit...pricey. The thing is, they are long lasting, and you can double up your stock by cutting them in half during application. You know me....I love saving where I can!
Not to mention, my team gave my mani the seal of approval.
Have you tried these strips?
There's 2 sides to every FRIZZ ~ natural dancer