Monday, August 29, 2011

On Second Thought: Bee Mine Curly Butter Review!

Happy Monday to you, Curlies!

I have to tell you, all day Friday my coils were blushing so much, you'd have thought I'd Henna'd the way they glowed! No kidding; I felt like the Texas Rangers on their 11 game winning streak, fielding compliments from left & right. HOMERUN! And....are you sitting down for this? The source of my curly pride was of all things....a TWISTOUT!

No joke. If you've been keep up with my frizzies, you'd be all too familiar with my quest to perfect my little twisty-poo's. Well last week I decided to turn my puff into twists for the week using my BEE Mine Curly Butter as a refresher/holder. OMG. Wow. My fingers squealed with delight at the softness of my strands upon takedown. Like, clouds or something. My fro was so FULL, bouncy & lively others asked if they could touch it! My coils were in a happy place, feeling like stuffed animal stuffing. (A trifle redundant? Yes. Yet, I have no idea what goes inside a teddy bear's tummy).

Taking a note from 101LadyT on You Tube (her hair is simply I retwisted at night with no product, unless my ends were less than stellar. Which they were in tip top shape because the Bee Mine kept it totally moisturized!


I've never been in love with my twist outs. And I've stopped being a doofus, realizing that my end results will not look like all the other bevy of natural beauties out there that I admire; my coils spring eternal!

Would I retwist every night again? My coils LOOKED great, but man I don't like messing around in my mane every day. Then again, that's why my strands retained moisture - even in the Texas heat! Maybe next time I'll retwist every other day. We'll see.

How about you? What are your hair plans this week? And why can't I reply to you, Curlie-Pies? Google Connect says I'm not authorized. What???? Uuumm, I'M THE FACILITATOR! Grrrrrrr......

Here's to another awesome & BLESSED week; praying God's strength & fabulousness upon you!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,

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Malisia said...

Your twistout looked great. I love the definition. We're taking a trip to the N.O. for Labor Day. I plan to utilize that ten hour drive and put my hair in twists using my fav Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. After a week I hope to have a bomb twistout.