Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Conservative WILD CHILD!

Hi, Curlies!!!!

I pray your week has been a great one so far. It's still HOT in Dallas. Yeah - just needed you all to know that insightful tidbit.

So I was enjoyng pictures & blogs of some of my favorite natural inspirations, basically just in awe of all the cool things natural hair can do. Twirling one of my own coils in my hand, I started thinking about the one transitioning regret that I have - six months into my natural tenure: lack of experimenting.

Yes ma'am, I wish I'd experimented more throughout my journey. See once I found products & a routine that properly addressed my active lifestyle as well as my dieting budget, I just stuck with it. Literally. Co-wash in four sections. Wet braid (using V05 Strawberries & Cream Moisture Milks, EVOO, seal with shea butter), unbraid in the morning, bun/pony. Start again once it began looking janky.

That was it. Every week. For 17 months until my BC. And while it was neat, presentable & kinda cute - I handicapped my arsenal of natural traffic-stopping styles. The conservative wild child played it safer than a boss passing the buck onto his unsuspecting underlings! Heads WILL roll!

Don't get me wrong, because as my fro grows up, I'm taking comfort in feeling that it might be able to block somebody's view one day. For the most part, I let my curls run free. But I'd love to try some funky up-do's with a cornrow here & a twist there. Something other than my beloved flower adornments. Longing for something other than just....BIG. And cute. I didn't even think it was possible, but going natural actually made me look even younger than I already do. (My hubby is not my pops, people!!! Lol). I desire a bit more, uummm - sophistication, if you will.

What do you think, ladies? How can I get my coils to walk a little on the wild side? I try looking at You Tube tuts and STILL wind up looking a hot mess. That's it. I'm on a new mission - stylers unite! And please: help a curly out!

In the meantime: if you are currently transitioning, take time to get to know your hair & don't be afraid to try new things! You never know who may end up adoring your tresses - including YOURSELF.

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There's 2 sides to every Frizz,

natural dancer

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