Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Top 3 Silliest Hair Choices I Ever Made...Not Knowing I Was A Curly!

Hey, Curlies!

It could either be my Back Down Memory Lane button has kicked into overdrive, or the "feel goods" my lovely dentist just gave me on my visit the other day, but SOMETHING got me laughing about my mane last night. You know, that serious "What WAS I thinking?!" man in the mirror type of stuff. So here it is, ladies - The Top 3 Silliest Hair Choices I Ever Made...Not Knowing I Was A Curly:

#1) The Jheri Curl Shag. Coupled with a set of oversized chompers I had yet to grow into because they were bigger than my face....yeah. My class pictures were just adorable.
#2) Going through the trauma of a "press n burn" only to sit up up for the next two hours painstaking spiral curling my strands with a super skinny iron -knowing they'd only last one stinky day.
#3) Mary J. Blige asked for "Real Love".....I asked my momma for the same blonde hair she had in the video - flipped & with a baseball cap. Pressed EVERY DAY to keep the flip action tight & my ends properly fried with some good ole' Blue Magic. Don't trip: I rocked the combat boots/shorts/jersey, too! Sing it with me now, "I-I-eeee-I-I'm searching for a real love!"

The list goes on & on for me....I hang my curls in shame.

What about you,ladies? What were your biggest hair shenanigans?

There's 2 sides to every frizz,
natural dancer

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