Tuesday, September 13, 2011

RE-PURPOSE: The Necessity of Invention!

Good morning, Curlie-Pies!
I was just thinking about you today. How blessed I am to have you reading my quirky little musings. I really want to say "Thank You!" for sharing this journey with me.

It's September now, & media folk are already discussing Christmas, signaling the impending end to another year. I don't dabble in New Year's resolutions - but I do set new goals for myself each time I'm blessed enough to hop on Life's latest revolution. I've got one toe propping that door to the BIG 4-0 open, so there's no time like now to re-purpose my position! So today I ask: will reflecting on 2011 write a smile on your pearly whites, or a heart harder than a clogged artery?
How many of this year's "I can't wait to's" will become next year's "I should have's?" When troubles rose to their greatest to knock you down....were your ashes turned to beauty?

Are you still standing?

My hubby & I took some serious hits from 2011 - but we emerged as each other's first responders. Re-purposed.

I always wanted to be a top-shelf journalist.
I re-purposed into a natural hair blogger.

I thought if I was to be beautiful, my mane should flow freely down my back.
I re-purposed into a spiral curled naturalista with confidence to feel beauty birthed from within.

I was always pleased to serve in the background, assisting others with their dreams - not answering the call on my life GOD had for me.
GOD re-purposed me into a leader set to make a difference in the lives of His people!

Have I done all I intended to do this year?
Not by the mile of curls running down Troy Polamalu's back! I've got a book to finish, a play to birth & far much more dance in me to slow down now! But the year is not over. And even when it is....I plan to never settle for where I am. I want to keep striving to be all God wants me to be.


How do YOU plan to re-purpose?

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

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