Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You Try To Plan Ahead....

Good afternoon, Buttercups!

I've been singing me a song today, wanna hear it? Hear it goes (in alto): Whomp, whomp! Whomp, whomp, whomp. BIG, WHOMP.

So, which you want first? The good news or the dufserior news? (DUFSERIOR = dufus + superior/supreme-EPIC -FAIL). Well, since I love serving heaping helpings of positivity, we'll start with the GOOD.

Today, I am totally loving on my mane. I'm whippin', & rolling it & what-not. Mmm, hmmm. My frizzies are loving back on me w/shine & doe eyed pride...yet still flicking a tad of the dreaded side eye in my general direction. Because....
I broke my own curly rule #2: Never experiment with your crown prior to important engagements. Yep. Which brings me to the OTHER news:

Remember the achieve supreme-puffness master plan I mapped out for you guys yesterday? Well SOMEBODY got the bright idea to add one tiny thing into the mix that crapshot my puff's entire indentity (for time being, of course). See, I'm new to the Land of Denman, and decided to use the brush to de-frizz my coils just a bit before twisting. (My original tool was identified as my hands). It seems my hair simply adores the combination of water, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, castor oil, (Denman glide through) finished off with Pantene Curly Spray Gel. (In that order - not too heavy on the castor oil, my loves). I installed medium twists, waking up this morning to an awesomely defined, bouncy, coily non-fro. I love it....save for the fact it's the total OPPOSITE of what I was going for.


So, lesson learned? If you want to be a powerpuff girl, you may not want to DEFINE your curls first unless you just have so much hair people mistake your mane for Tracee Ellis Ross' on the regular. (My hair, with its fine self, comes nowhere close.)

And remember to stick to the plan. I'm just lucky that even w/a little deviating, my coils have brought me great joy today. Tomorrow's television appearance will introduce a tamed set of springy coils to Texas. Cause a sista is not touching this noggin again until we are through dancing!

Thank you guys for being a blessing on our page! One day, I'll figure out how to respond to comments; I'm so not rude. Just techno-anemic.

Nobody can love your Frizz like you,
natural dancer

(ps - What was Curly Rule #1? Have FUN w/your hair! I know I am!)

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