Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kid's Frizz: Amiyah!

If you are a sucker for the cutest, most adorable, wanna-put-them-in-your-pocket munchkins, STOP READING NOW, lol! I'm so happy to introduce our first kid's feature: the little princess in our life, Amiyah - who happens to be the cute rugrat of my niecy-pooh! WARNING: you may involuntarily attempt to jump through your monitor to snatch a pinch of those dimples!!!!

Your name/Your child’s name:
Amiyah Nobles

How old is your little curly?1yr 9mos

Has she maintained the same texture up to this point?Yes she has

Would you liken her curly crown's behavior to The Little Rascals (her mane loves doing its OWN thing!) or The Rugrats (mischievous, but overall well-behaved)?Lol, I'm going to have to go with the Rugrats

Realistically, how much time will your little curly girl devote to letting you conduct a styling session before she's just over it?When she knows she is about to get her hair done, she comes and stand between my legs with no hesitation. Now, depending on her mood (if she is full or has her cookies) you may be able to get two ponytails instead of one. Overall... you have about 5 mins to do what you have to do before she changes her mind.

How often do you style?Everyday. If I don't, she will not be a happy camper because her hair curls around the ponytail which seems kind of painful to unravel.

What tools/products do you find breathes joy into your little one's curlies?I use Creme of Nature to wash her hair, Castor Oil Hair Treatment w/ Mink Oil, Hawaiian Silky 14&1, water and sometimes a little gel on her edges to keep her hair from curling up.

Whose hair takes longer: yours or your little one's?It takes me longer because even though I am not natural... I do not perm my hair every month and my hair becomes stubborn for me to style.

Sometimes our natural hair can act like David to Goliath. How do you conquer the pitfalls of bad products, styling tools and such to maintain great, healthy hair?Well, because she is a child and her hair is so much longer to actually style, I am still learning what makes her curls mad and what makes them happy. If her curls are not happy... she's not happy and neither am I. I haven't (yet) used a product that her hair did not agree with. But I do know if it is not kept wet while styling, get ready for an attitude. Ask me this question again next year... I know I will have a LONG list of things. LOL

With all the various media images around to put a twinkle in impressionable kid's adoring eyes, how do/can you encourage your little beauty to love her hair and who she is overall?When she gets older I would tell her how beautiful she is and that she shouldn't have to change herself for the likes of someone else or to be "popular."

Will you allow her to relax her hair while she's under your watchful eye? If so, at what age?When she is 18, she can do whatever she wants. Before that, I vowed to never perm her hair because 1) her hair doesn't need it 2) I remember the pains of getting a perm when I was younger 3) Every since I saw Good Hair (insert frightened look here), I now know the real dangers of putting chemicals in a child's hair before their hair follicules mature.

What would you like to leave the readers of The Frizzness with?Dealing w/ kids & natural hair can be very frustrating. A good tip is if you have a child that is not a big fan of getting their hair done or staying still... wait til they fall asleep! Gives you a chance to put a million ponytails in or braids which keeps the hair detangled if you have a child with very tight curls.

Give your babe a hug & a smooch from us....thank you for Getting Down to Frizzness!!!!

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