Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You Think You're So Slick, Don't You?!

It hasn't always been this way.
Inquisitive side-eyes from onlooking seasoned naturalistas & newbies, getting just a hint of nausea from checking out the waves riding the top of my noggin. Edges straighter than when my relaxers beat 'em mercilessly into submission.

"What'd you do to get your edges so slick, sis?"

Batting my eyelashes lovingly toward my puff, comes my simple reply: "V05 Strawberries & Cream Conditioner, Fantasia IC Gel (w/Sparkle Lites of course) & H20."

That's it.

Sometimes, I sorta dig a tamed front so I can wild the back out in all my naturalness. This combo subdues my stubborn coils like a charm every time!

NEW EXPERIMENT: Olive Oil Edge Control. Jury's still out to see whether it's tough enough to rock out w/my personal frizz. Looking & wearing great for daily practivity. (I think I made that word up, but I like the way it sounds, ha!) But when I DANCE...I think my frizzies bullies it like that evil little kid Farkus in "A Christmas Story." (My FAVORITE Christmas flick EV-VERRR!!!! Yet, I digress).

Day #4 & my faux-n-go is still working, woo hoo! I spritzed & twisted w/S-Curl Moisturizing Activator & a dab of Pantene Curly Spray Gel. My hair is soft, bouncy & full of vigor! I think my coils heart glycerine & I'm loving this comobo!

Now I'm off to check the legitimacy of the word "practivity." Say it 10 times fast, it'll become a song!

There's two sides to every Frizz,

natural dancer

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