Monday, June 13, 2011

Dancin' W/My FRIZZ!

So last week, our dance company got some news so exiting, it straightened the frizz out of my coils!

On Wednesday, Ordered Steps Productions will dance LIVE during "Good Morning Texas" on our local ABC affiliate! What an awesome opportunity to minister to the masses through dance AND rock our frizz at the same time! (By golly most of us are either au naturale or transtioning, so it's a fabulous sight to see!)

Now, onto some VERY IMPORTANT business in this matter: What's curly to do to prep for such a time as this? Hmmm. First major TELEVISED appearance since going natural. If there's a single gram of wisdom permanently tatooed in the maitenance corridor of my brain since starting my journey - if your beloved mane is sometimes full of attitude & drama (like mine) it's so not cool to experement before a big event! I mean, Frizzy Time Out is definitely not an option at that point. Unless of course you can spin a mean cornrow, protective style or wig. None of which have been blessed by my little hands. Naturally.

Since everything's bigger in Texas, I believe my starting point will be somewhere in the town of GINORMOUS. The bigger the better. So today, I'll prep my little frizzies for a beautimous puff. (I want it BIGGER than this photo of last week's mini-puff; Mr. CameraMan will have to practice his bob & weave skills so my puff doesn't knowck is camera down, lol!)

Spritz of H20
Shea Moisture Curl Enahancing Smoothie (the stuff fluffy puffs are birthed from)
Castor Oil
Pantene Curly Spray Gel
*this combo should hit the target point

My Hands
Goody Elastic Band (cut open to wrap/secure)

I'm going to twist the products into my crown tonite (keeping my edges covered overnite to keep from gelling) & let it fly free tomorrow. By Wednesday morning, it should be shiny, puffy, Footloose & fancy free!!!!
(If you haven't seen the movie "Footloose" you are so missing out!) Speaking of the 80's....

We are also opening for 80's funk band Midnight Star at the Best Southwest Juneteenth Celebration - OUTDOORS. And Mr. Weatherman declared 100 degree temps. I'm thinking twists may do to keep my curls cool, calm & frizzless.

OSP - representing for Chirst AND Curlies!

I'll post pics after the excited & JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

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Nicole said...

So excited for you! That just speaks to the blessing waiting to come for you! Now to the hair, I say rock the curly slicked down puff (like your'e wearing in the post pick.)it's practical, COOL (temp wise), neat and pollished (since we dancers KNOW the rule is the bun.) and you'll still be repp'n TX with the BIG hair. Many blessing from DC!