Friday, June 17, 2011

It's All About YOU!!!!

Happy Friday, Sugarlumps!!!!!
I'm elated we made it through the week....I hope yours was as awesome as mine!

So, this little blog isn't all about ME - it's all about the FRIZZNESS! If you want to celebrate your natural mane, serve up some inspiration to other apiring naturals or just plain rock your frizz, contact us today!
Send an email to, and you can be featured right HERE! Let's come together in curly fellowship!

In other news:
The TV taping was FANTASTIC! My mane ended up in a mild curly puff adorned with the most outstanding purple flower I've ever worn, borrowed from Mom who refuses to let me have it, grrrr!!!!! Send up a prayer for me, ladies that I may become the owener of said fabulous hair trinket.'s THAT cute! My puff perked up upon meeting one of my favorite actors EVER IN LIFE Tom Hanks, who was the all around epitome of awesomeness! We also met Selena Gomez, the Disney talent who is incredibly gorgeous & has the honor of being Ms.-Attached-to-Justin-Beiber. Mmmm, hmmmm. She was a DOLL!

We danced outside the American Airlines Center, prior to set up for The Dallas Mavericks victory celebration! You guessed it (or maybe not) we also saw Shawn Marion. I told ya, it was a great day! This weekend's hair has been stretched a bit in a braidout w/my Shea Moisture Smoothie & Pantene Curly Gel. (Only a bit because I still had product in). It's going to have to make it's way into a puffy bun 'cause we're opening for 80's Funk Band Midnight Star in the 102 Texas Heat tomorrow, whew!!!! (I see BUCKETS of water in out future!) Don't know how my little frizzies will handle it all, but I think they're kinda soliders, so they may come out victorious! (Positive Reinforcement: that's on the top of my curly ingredient list!)

TV pics to come of the curlies in our ministry. Enjoy your weekend, loves - you deserve it!

"When you get to the end of your rope....tie a knot & hang on!" ~ (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

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