Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Icky, Sticky - Bouncy.....HANGTIME!

Hey, Sugarlumps! It's going to be a fantastic week, yes? Say it with me: YES!

Ok, I don't know if any of you ever feel this way, but sometimes I think my curls are a bit....weird. They like to just spiral out everywhere & most of the time stick straight up in the air. Maybe they're trying to reach The Upper Room? I dunno. But since I'm kinda off-beat & never quite fit in, I think the eclectic-ness of my crown works quite nicely for me.

Last week, coming off a wash-n-go, I had to give my frizz that "don't start none -won't be none" triple death glare. My coils do not like air drying at top soak; damp styling suits me best. But since I was so lame, I tried wearing a bag over my coils to lock the moisture in so I could finally race to the end to my yellow brick road: bouncy coils. Mmm hmmm. Now I'm giving away my age here, but if any of you has ever seen Tom Hanks in "Turner & Hooch" (the ginormous dog slanging slob everywhere), then you'll know that when I took that bag off & shook my mane....H20/product flew every-somewhere! LAME. (I had to quick dry my hair with a tee-shirt & skedaddle to work).

Anyhoo, no matter what I put in my hair for a WNG, it always dries stiff, crunchy & DRY. Maybe I haven't found the right combo or technique, but it's NOT working. At the end of last Monday, I sprinted for my S-Curl Activating Moisturizer, slapping it on with Kimble Bounce Back Curl & a spritz of water. My curls were refreshed, even forgiving me for frying them in the heat while we opened for the Midnight Star concert last weekend. I didn't have to touch my hair for the rest of the week - save for putting it up in a puff & taking it down. I enjoyed the low maintenance of it all.

By last Thursday I had a big decision to make in lieu of a wedding I was attending Saturday. Rock the ever growing fro I'd obtained (which still looked healthy & defined) or start fresh with a style that has defied me every since I went natural: a braidout. Braidouts were my staple during the 17 month transition. Now, the perfection of them eludes me. What the hey: I like living on the edge sometimes so I gave it a go using the S-Curl & pairing it with Herbal Essences Set Me Up Gel. I'm hard-core like that! And the next day for braid takedown.....

Whomp,whomp, whomp. Sticky, icky uugghhh. I was mortified. My curls looked great & had more bounce to the ounce, but-er-ah: yuck. For real. I had to go to work like that. But then the clouds opened & a miracle was delivered my way as the day waned on: my coils dried into touchable, bouncy hair - with a little HANGTIME to boot! (Minimal, but not invisible). Woo hoo!!!! I am loving it! It looked even better Saturday & today it still rocks on! Shiny, full of vibrancy...I am so pleased. I'll try this again because low maintenance is my bff for life!

So one of the pictures attached are from the wedding. The flower is courtesy of Mom, who decided along with my Hubbs & our dance daughter that the small one I had on kicked rocks so they replaced it with the one in the pictures. Yep, I kind of dug it. The next pictures are my fro-tastic day 4! I'll keep you posted on my progress - currently on Day #5, keeping curls alive! If I make it to this weekend without saturating/restyling, I may never let another product touch my non-tender head....until my next purchase, lol!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,
natural dancer

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