Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When A Curl Freezes Over!!!!!

Great day, Curlies! Well, well, well.....look what we have here. Could it be? I mean, really? Really. That I, (of whom is about to celebrate one year of natural glory next month), little ol' ME, who kicked, screamed & pouted most of my journey about this very sore subject - has suddenly turned a new curl to an old foe? Well, mark your calendars with today's date because it is officially the day a curl has frozen over & I am declaring my admiration of....SHRINKAGE. Yep, you heard (er, uh- read) it right, Curlie-Pies. Suddenly, Natural Dancer is all about the shrink. Sort of. How did this happen? So glad you inquired! Simple: Winter clothing. If my coils didn't have the massive shrinking situation going on, I'd have to strap them on top of my noggin every day. And since I have yet to master a decent twist -out, bantu knot, cornrow (you get the point) I like to let my spirals fly free & kinda crazy for variety. Hence, my new love for the shrinking flowers because the ends do not fall prey to wooly sweaters, scarves & such. So, my curls are happy. And if they're happy, I'm happy. I'm all about the JOY, you know? So what about you, curlies? Do you love on your 10-20% hang time? Are you protective styling? And finally, are you making changes to your 'do this year????? There's 2 sides to every Frizz, natural dancer

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