Thursday, December 29, 2011

Noire Naturals Product Review!

Great day, curly-pies! So even though I am ringing in the new year by training my curls to dine on a two-product regimen (more on that later) I've been trying out some pretty curlicious gems over the past weeks. Er, months. (Don't judge me). I am tasking my spirals to a "product insanity" workout in 2012, meaning conditioner only. PERIOD. Yeah....we'll see what the end of that story brings. In the meantime, I'm sharing with you some awesome goodies that your curls may just fall for!
NOIRE NATURALS: This new brand was envisioned by one of my favorite little ladies, Ashleigh Victoria (pictured above), who was one of the first beauties to be featured on The Frizzness! I must say at a mere 21 years old, we should all be praising with her for her drive & ability to not just chase after, but accomplish her dreams! (Sitting down from my standing "O"). But what we're really about is the product/performance, yes? So let's go!
Oh La La Hair Cleansing Elixir: My curls really enjoyed this cleanser. See, though my coils are extreme & tight, they are very easy to cleanse -without having to section. So if they get tangled during a wash, I KNOW it's the product. The consistency is very thin, unlike regular shampoo, & I did not detect a scent of any kind. The Oh La La flowed easily through my spirals, so there was no added work or forcing my hands through knot-ville. (Very good foreshadowing of the rest of the line). The true testimony is the fact that my curls did not feel stripped following use!
C'est Mangnifique Rinse or Remain Conditioner: Love, love, love! This conditioner is packed with various butters & essential oils that truly smell glorious as soon as you open the bottle! Now, the consistency may throw some of us curlies off at first; there is a high level of shea butter in the cream, which definitely solidifies as it sits in the bottle. My sample, however did include a note stating for best results, submerge the bottle in a cup of hot water for 2/3 minutes (don't put the bottle in the microwave, dolls!) & the product will loosen, allowing you to pour it out for your stands to enjoy. Which mine totally soaked up immediately, like I'd been depriving them of moisture or something! Since I no longer protective style per se, I just coated my coils & let them go. I like the definition the conditioner gave me & I believe I had just a tad less shrinkage than normal.
J'adore Curl Defining Jelly: Anything that gives my curls elongation is alright with me, because I happen to love huge hair! So Now although this product is called "jelly" it's clear & thin, with a little traveling a really long way to to satisfy whatever level of hold you're seeking. I rock much frizz, so I added some extra to as I smoothed it over my coils & went on about my business. But really, there is not much of this needed; just a swipe to finish off your 'do & you're good to go. So there you have it, Curly-Pies! What I like best about Noire Naturals is the line is definitely budget frfiendly (I'm big on that!) and I was left with pretty big, soft, defined & bouncy hair! Please feel free to visit the website: to check out their other products & tell them The Frizzness sent you! There's 2 sides to every Frizz, natural dancer (Hey, Loves! I was provided this product for review, however I was not paid for this or any other product review on The Frizzness....)

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