Wednesday, December 28, 2011

INFLUENSTER Holiday Box: NYC Liquid Lip Shine Review!

It's a great day for beauty! So, I'm part of an awesome program that allows me to bounce some pretty cool products off my curls, skin, nails, name it! It's called INFLUENSTER, & I am beyond excited because I just received the holiday gift box packed with beauty product goodness! I'm about to start rolling out reviews of all the products I received...can you see my happy face? Watch out, now! First up: NYC Liquid Lip Shine:
Easily my favorite product in the box, because I love lippies! And this is some yummy, lip-quenching wonderfulness. As a bonus, NYC is one brand that puts the chic in our faces while keeping some extra pennies in our pockets. Now, why do I adore this gloss? #1) - Like its name, #582 Nude York City delivers on the shine! Since I love playing up my eyes with bold colors, this lipgloss has a jazzy, yet subtle way of helping me to tone it down a bit. The shine lasted for hours, so that had me set on "happy" all day! Better yet, this color will wear well against any skin tone. #2) - It smells....sweet. Not fruity, and I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's pleasant. We definitely don't want any stank on us, so the scent suited me just fine. #3) - It feels heavenly on my kisser! No goop, gunk, or muck - all of which I can't stand to pucker up with. Have you ever tried something that felt like straight mud on your mouth? Uuughhh... just, no. But I digress. The gloss has a light feel that's barely there; my smoochers totally roll out the welcome mat for such a great feeling! So there you have it, beauty-pies! With 19 shades of glossy yumminess available,and prices I can afford (I am a bargain princess to my heart) I'm going to try to rock every shade of NYC's Liquid Lip Shine. Tell me, have you tried it? Thanks for the awesomeness, NYC! (*Hey loves, this product was provided free of charge to me for testing, however I am not paid for this or any other product review on The Frizzness).

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