Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Curl's Best Friend!

Hey,Curly-Pies! Please pardon my extended break, but my coils & I ended up starring in my hubby's play, which left me with little time on my hands - other than keeping on top of that script! And when I say my curls starred right along with me, I mean just that! (Darn near stole the show, ha ha!) I've never received so so many compliments on my mane, ya'll! And all I did was a deep conditioning treatment early that week, let my strands soak up some extra conditioner & topped it off with Shea Moisture Curling Souffle; I left it in a pineapple for two days, & by the day of the play.....BAM! Those little suckers were stretched & poppin'! I've never had so many folk grabbing at my mane before! I have to admit, it did look different than normal. Which is why the kool-aid grin on my grill was tentative. I mean, what was everybody trying to say about the way my noggin normally looks, huh? worries. I actually enjoyed the extra attention. SO much so, that I forgot to get a picture of my bangin 'do. Whomp, whomp...that's the melodic sounds of EPIC FAIL. You know how I do it. Anywho, I am currently still growing & loving my cols. It's been a great ride & as I approach 11 months, I'm thinking of a way to celebrate my one year hair-aversary. Thoughts, curlies? Oh, & I'm on board Mahogany Curls' Curly Girl Challenge, too. It's very intricate, so check out her Facebook page for more details. That said, I have alot of reviews to crank out, so get ready! And as we approach the new year, I resolve to continue to keeping it simple! My coils are loving me for it! What are you doing with your 'do in 2012? There's 2 sides to every Frizz, natural dancer

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