Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's Natural Dancer's Secret? Hmmmm.....


I woke up feeling like the sun kissed my curls & thinking I might acutally be learning how to walk this natural journey! Never one to count those eggs too quickly, I'll hold off until a day or two to share the recipe I used to get Frizzcella & Fruition out of temporary time out. (Yes, I've named each side of my frizz; that's how I roll!)

Today, I garnered a load of officespace kudos on the new 'do, so my curltuition just might be onto something. ;) Now, if I can keep my hands off it for a few days.....GOAL!!!! ( I always did wish I'd learned to play soccer!)

So stay tuned...either this will be my fab discovery of the summer, or a dillusional hiccup & my mane will morph into a Shakesperean tragedy of epic proportions!

There's 2 sides to every frizz,
<3 cj

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