Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting Down To Frizzness: NoireNaturals!

We are excited to introduce Ashleigh, an intelligent, gorgeous natural owning a tremendously sweet spirit & a head full of vibrant curls! We're already swooning over her upcoming natural hair care line: NoireNaturals...coming this September to take the world of curls by storm!

Tell us about you:
My name is Ashleigh Victoria Thornton, I am a 20-year-old entrepreneur, studying International Business and Spanish at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. After making the transition from relaxed to natural, I decided to develop a product line of my own, called NoireNaturals. The line is made of 100% all-natural ingredients, and was created to cater to the unique needs of ethnic and multiracial hair! (Available for purchase this September)

How long have you been rocking your frizzness?
I have been rocking my “frizzness” loud and proud since the fall of ‘09!

Did you desire a second date following your BC/End of transition, or did you make reservations for a party of ONE?
If you’re referring to how going natural made me feel about dating, it really had no impact on how I felt about that particular area!

Natural Hair doesn't define who you are BUT.....
It has a major influence on who I am as a woman, a leader, and an entrepreneur.

What was the moment of epiphany in your journey?
The moment of epiphany for me during my journey was when I had completely transitioned, and was LOVING the “new” lady in the mirror!

Because natural manes are so unpredictable, how do you combat feeling defeated on days when your crown seems less than stellar (based your OWN criteria)?
I combat the feeling of defeat by comparing the hair issues that I have NOW to the issues that I had when my hair was relaxed… I would rather fight frizz than hair loss ANY day!

Do random people attempt to lay hands in your mane?
Haha, all of the time! As flattering as it is, I am still a firm believer in “look but don’t touch.”;)

Do you find your mane becoming the grand topic of conversation?
Absolutely. I have heard that people who don’t know my name often refer to me as “the girl with the pretty natural hair.”

CONFIDENCE CHECK: Has natural hair allowed you to dance as if no one is watching, or has your aurora remain unfazed since your relaxed days?
I have always been a fairly secure person, but I must admit that being natural has given me an extra shot of confidence! There’s just something about having all of this hair… :)

Share some secrets leading to a fabulous, happy, HEALTHY mane...promise we WILL tell!
Three things: Drink plenty of water/eat well, keep those ends trimmed, and use NoireNaturals!

What was the WORST mistake you’ve made along the way?
The worst mistake I’ve made along the way would have to be getting my hair blown-out… It left me with heat damage that could not be repaired! For now on, I’m sticking to the press-n-curl.

What advice can you bless new, transitioning or frustrated kinky curly queens with?
If you’re transitioning and/or feeling frustrated, DO NOT GIVE UP OR GIVE-IN! Remember that anything worth having is worth fighting for, and your hair is no different... The freedom and overall feeling of being natural will be well worth it in the end!

What natural experiments put the glam in your crown? Which ones ended up filed under Campaign EPIC FAIL?
One natural experiment that ended up being a fail would be my first time trying bantu knots; I had done something wrong, and the results were very LARGE. Hahaha. One experiment that put the glam in my crown was when I whipped up my first batch of shampoo and conditioner… So glam in fact that I shared it with family and friends, who encouraged me to develop my own line!

What's the most fabulous part of your journey to frizzness?
I would have to say that learning how to embrace this new “look” and inspiring others to do the same has been pretty darn fabulous ;)

Outside of your gorgeous mane, what inspires you?
People who are bold enough, brave enough, and bright enough to make things happen! Anyone can be a DREAMER, but the DOERS?—that’s true inspiration right there.

How can our beautiful readers find you on the web?
Find me on facebook at, and on twitter at Also be on the look out for (September 2011!)

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Dee O. said...

GREAT interview!! Her hair transformation is inspiring! I love her hair!!!