Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy, Healthy & Back!

It's a fantastic day to be curly!
Well, Yours Curly has been dancing/teaching Wednesday-Sunday for the last couple of weeks, hence the sparse postings. In short: a sista's been TI-REDDDDD! The ministry has been nothing short of incredible, so I don't dare complain; God has truly been hard at work opening unimaginable doors.....I've been truly blessed!

Now, as for my mane. Can ya'll believe it, Curlie-Pies? Aside

from a little smoothing around the front perimeter, I've totally ditched hair gel! Not sure if my mane has changed her temperamental mind or if I woke up realizing my strands just don't need to drink it...but I've noticed them increasingly becoming less persnickety! And since I've jumped off the gelly-train, my coils haven't seemed to mind one bit. In fact, they seem happier & frizzless under their Scurl/shea butter umbrella. I've got great sheen, bounce, healthy & RETAINED crown couldn't be giddier!

I'm including shots of my tresses enjoying their simplified routine, which is a simple twist out. Some nights, I pineapple. Others I retwist with no product using the Naptural85 method of stretching which does wonders for me. Even following heavy days of dancing, my coils remain moisturized and in tact.

How about you, ladies? Have have your strands taught you lately?

Preparing for another long week of dancing.....and feeling the joy!

There's 2 sides to every Frizz,

natural dancer

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Bonnie said...

I love your frizzy hair! I think it gives you a unique look and really shows your character.
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