Monday, October 24, 2011

For LOVE or Curls?

Is it ME?
But why does it seem like some of the products your curls love the most spit in the face of your snuggleboo?

Case in point: My curls were kinda having fun with my test run of Cantu Shea Leave In Conditioner. (Review to come). But the Hubbs can't stand the stuff because it sends his lungs, nasal passage & any other of his breathing mechanisms into a tizzy! Quiet as it's kept, shortly after I started using it, I picked up a pretty crappy cough. Then I noticed right after I took a break from it for a short spell, my own lungs stopped behaving like I licked a dirty ashtray. Oftentimes, 2 + 2 does indeed = 4.

Products with overbearing fragrance additions, intrusive "chemical" scents or just plain stink make the Hubb's flesh crawl. He has a hyper-sensitive (almost canine) smelling device, so I'm left with two choices:

#1 - Increase our insurance policy premiums & pray for the best
#2 - Consider my sweetie's health& break relations with the aforementioned offenders.

I love my Boo, so I opt for #2, which in the end will be beneficial to both of our standards of health & stop choking the heck out of us!

So what about you, Curlies? What products do your sweet'ums hate....if any?

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Kiki Rocks Kinks said...

I am in love with Shea Moisture's deep treatment masque but the smell is so overpowering, it smells like raw, super sweet cake batter. I can only leave it on my hair for so long and tried to sleep with it overnight but ended up washing my hair out about 3am because I just couldn't take it!