Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hi, Curlie-Pies!!!

I have been uber excited about the INFLUENSTER Spring Vox Box!

To kick things off, I received the Bathy & Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist in Sweet Pea. Whoa! The main thing I adore about this fragrance (actually, ANYTHING by Bath & Body) is that it doesn't box my nosrils! The scenet is light, airy & makes me feel extra pretty somehow, lol! Seriously though I can't get enough of wearing it - it's definitely on the re-purchase list.
AVEENO BODY WASH - Yes ma'am, I have always loved this brand & was excited to try it! It's one of the better wash products I've tried recently, not too filmy and leaving my skin soft.

SHEER COVER DUO CONCEALER - Sheer Cover is a light, convenient way to hide nature's little "hello's" on my skin! The product does not leave a cakey feel; I received it in medium, with two shades easily blendable to fit my coverage needs. Now, because of the light formulation, I must say it doesn't keep my undereyes from looking like I just stepped out from Ultimate Fighting (these bags are death, I tell you!) but I love it on those minor imperfections I haven't been able to wish away.

And last, but least, INFLUENSTER went ol' school on us & put in some.....CHAPSTICK LIP SHIELD! BAM! Love it! See, I truly only use Vaseline & Elf Lip Gloss to keep my pucker soft, but Chapstick has never done me dirty! The taste is good, and my lips are soft all day. I have always & will always continue to love this beauty staple.
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