Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Feel The Burn!

Hi, Curlies!

This has been some week...and it's ONLY Wednesday! The tornadoes hit our city of Dallas yesterday, and I am praising GOD for His safety & protection! And guess what? Today is a gorgeous, sunny day! Gots to love Texas!

So, I wanted to ask ya'll about something that's been irking my hide for like, EVER. Wondering if it gets you all, too. Some folk complain about their less than stellar "kitchens"....but my SIDEBURNS are straight whack!

I mean, no matter how much I cut, mend or shellac these bad girls, they are always misbehavin'! I even resorted to using some Edge Control combo'dwith Pink Eco, Clear Eco and Fantasia IC to no avail. They are always poppin' & NOT in a good way! (Ok - seems as though I'm screaming with all of these esclamation points; but this is what I have been reduced to, dear curly friends).
The more I cut them, the faster they grown. Unruly, unsightly, and out of order. But if I take them completely off, I look an even hotter mess.

Uuuggghhhhh. Just can't win with these bad seeds.

So what about you? How do you deal with "The Burn?" Is there a way to tame them? Why are they so disrespectful? And most importantly: WHY, WHY, WHY???!!!!! Lol.......I still ove my coils, though.

There's 2 sides to every FRIZZ,
natural dancer

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Shoni Freeman said...

Interesting! I don't have issues with my sideburns, because... well, I don't really have much in the way of sideburns to begin with. ;) But, I do have some grays popping up along my hairline. I want to know why the gray hair feels so much more coarse than the rest of my hair. It's kind of outrageous! I guess all that wisdom is "hard-won" (yuk yuk).