Monday, November 28, 2011

Kicks For Christ....A Thanksgiving Blessing!

Gobble, gobble Curlie-Pies! It's a great day to be a curly; I pray everyone's Thanksgiving was safe, relaxed & BLESSED! I gotta share a MAJOR blessing with you all: Christmas came early to my dance company, OSP! Ok so last week, I posted a dancer's prayer of Thanksgiving on Facebook. I just don't want us to ever take this GOD given gift for granted; our feet deliver good news, & we have to constantly/consistently give thanks for being able to speak through such a powerful art form. Anywhoo....our humble little ensemble is one of the most requested dance ministries in the state of Texas. As such, we were literally danced outta our shoes!!!!!! I mean little peep holes & all; just not cute at all. I was just about to start a shoe drive for sponsors to put each dancer into a new pair of kicks, but GOD sent a couple of angels (in the form of a husband & wife) who volunteered to purchase shoes for EVERY dancer in the ministry! (INSERT SHOUTING MUSIC RIGHT HERE)
Before you get to stop, drop & rolling - It gets even better! See, said couple is from out of state, has never met the girls, or even seen us dance. But because they met me while I was still rollin' in mamma's tummy, they wanted to do this for me to say how proud they are of what my husband & I are doing with the kiddos. Tear. For real, I cried - A LOT when I was told of this blessing. It only came from GOD Himself, & I would be remiss if I didn't give Him the glory every opportunity I get! Seriously, there was a need that had to be met & I knew my girls couldn't afford the shoes but truly need them. And GOD immediately supplied. See, they don't have to dance but they do. Without murmuring, without complaining, & most of all with the joy of the Lord in their hearts. And even though they don't dance for reward, Our Father gave them an awesome reward for their faithfulness. God blesses us when we least expect it; We've been told many times that God uses us to change someone's life after we dance....this time, someone changed OURS. My message to you? Hang in there a bit longer, Beloved, because you don't want to give up before you receive everything GOD has for you. Your labor is not in vain; joy truly does come in the morning!!!!! He's awesome. He's amazing. He's a wonder. .....and He's our Love. And I love all of YOU, too! So now, onto what's already my best Christmas ever! I'm off to listen to what tehnically is one of the most depressing Christmas tunes in this (or any) lifetime, "The Christmas Shoes." Have you heard it? I won't spoil the ending, but uh....yeah. Jingle Bells it is not. Somehow, it has an entire new meaning for me this year. Blessings - and hugs today, natural dancer

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